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    Welcome to my first shop ever! I'm just getting started so there isn't much here for now but I do plan do make more stuff! I'm mainly going to be doing markings and such, but my content can include templates, coats, and sims but for now please enjoy!

    As always please...

    • Do not claim any of my creations as your own
    • Do not upload anywhere else

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    • All my markings are in the back section unless stated otherwise!
    • All markings come with a custom thumbnail
    • All markings are 2-channel unless stated

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    (Because sad lookin horses are pretty cute) A new eye detail for your horses! The added detail around the eyelids are hard to see from afar but it's always nice to know it's there! This marking is especially great for non-editors, as well as the editors that like to cut back on having to do extra editing, but of course it's great for everyone! The marking pairs well with other eye details and markings as well. All in all, the more detail, the better!

    Thank you Dimitri Dane, & Denn Hanes for testing this out for me & sending me pics!

    • 2-channel marking

    • Marking is in the BACK section

    • thumbnail says "face detail" along with my name​

    • More pictures of the marking on my website below

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  • YOU ARE A WONDERFUL PERSON. :two_hearts: Thank you! I will be sure to throw it upon my more melancholic horses post haste- and it will be perfect for shots of the pony in the diet paddock. :laughing:

  • @Ariadne-Waters ahh!! Thank you Ariadne!! I can't wait to see it on your horses!!

  • ELAINE I LOVE YOU TYSM u stinky peasant

    you dont even know how long ive been waiting to have horses looking like this in game 😭 our queen is serving LOOKS tonight 💖💗💓

  • Nice idea! Thank you for sharing this great marking :blue_heart:

  • Administrators

    These are absolutely brilliant, Elaine! I'm very, very excited to use this on my horses :D

  • Ooohhh Elaine !!! Thankyou for this :) i lie this marking

  • Wow Elaine, thank you so much for this awesome marking need to test it on my horses <3

  • Moderation Committee

    I can't upvote this enough! Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful marking! <3 Can't wait to see what else you release in the future :hugging:


  • Marking is in the BACK section

    I LOVE THIS. Thanks for placing it there. <3

    I have too many face markings.

  • OMG! Thanks a lot!!! <3

  • Banned

    This is a m a z i n g! Thank you so much!

    now i need to update all my horses.

  • I'm so glad you guys like this marking!! I can't wait to see all the pretty horses with sad eyes :joy:

  • Wow! :heart_eyes: Thanks!!

  • Ok I AM LOVING this eye detail! Really great job!

  • Love the eye detail! I must add to my horses next time I play!

  • Awww, this detail made my day! Thank you :heart_eyes:

  • Oh my gosh, these are great and so so usefull! Thank you so much :heart:

  • Administrators

    This is fabulous, thank you! <3

  • I really can't thank you enough, Elaine! This looks absolutely stunning on my horses and I love how sharp this marking is! I hope you will spoil us with other markings too with your talent <3

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