[Wanted] Arab x Warmblood mare

  • Hi I‘m looking for an Arab x Warmblood mare
    I don’tneed a great pedigree or a super successful parent.
    I have already looked at the import service but the problem is that the horses should usually be registered within one month & you want to see regular updates, I can not guarantee that, due to time and motivation, so I try it over here

    The mare should be an Arabian x Warmblood horse & be suitable for eventing. she should be a chestnut (maybe with markings)
    For further questions below please comment or write me a pm.
    of course I would pay for the horse, tell me your price.

  • Hello! I could create a chestnut mare for you! does she need to have bonus points? :D
    Do you have any reference pics?

  • Hi i can create one for you! :D
    Example of one part arabian i made (Warmblood x arabian)

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