Woodside Park Stud || Bentley The Premature Foal // 27/04

  • Woodside Park

    Hello and welcome to Woodside Park! I previously had a photo album open but wasn't active at all so have decided to have a fresh new start and be more active! First let me tell you about Woodside Park!

    About Us:

    Woodside Park is a medium sized AQH, APH & Appaloosa ranch located in Australia. We focus on breeding high quality stockies built for all disciplines from barrels all the way to eventing. We have recently moved to a larger and more spacious ranch with plenty of room for all horses. Our horses are never stalled so are always in a paddock so they can live like a horse! Here at Woodside although our horses are bred for everything our main disipline's are Reining, Extreme Cowboy racing & Western Pleasure.

    Meet The Team:

    Piper Chance: Hi i'm Piper but most people call me Pipes. I am the owner of Woodside Park and have been since i was 23. Woodside Park has been passed down 4 generations before me! My dad passed away when i was little so my mum & i did everything here at Woodside Park. My mum fell really ill and didn't have the strength to run the stud so passed it down to me as a birthday present when i turned 23!

    Jordan Chance: Hi i'm Jordan, Pipes husband! Piper and i have been dating since we were 14. We met at a local horse show and since then we had a huge connection! After a year i finally worked up enough to ask her out ;) At the age of 24 we got married at our stud here at Woodside. Gosh it was beautiful! I have loved horses ever since i could speak. Lucky me my father was a farrier so i got to go around and watch him trim and shoe a bunch of horses. After nagging and nagging my dad finally got me a little shaggy pony who was called Pete. I now am lucky enough to live here at Woodside with my beautiful wife & my two children as well as a load of horses.

    Leo Chance: Heyy! I'm Leo, Piper and Jordans 16yo son. I have been around horses since i was born. Mum and dad were lucky that i love them. I never officially got my own horse until i was 13. I used to just ride mums old horse Cooper but then i got Pepper. My beautiful Bay Splash APH mare who i adore to bits. I'm still in school and getting into the more serious years so struggling with time to ride but any spare time i get i'm in the saddle!

    Bambi Chance: Hi i'm Bambi! Piper & Jordan's daughter. I am 7 years old and love horses! My favorite horse is white horses as they remind me of unicorns. I don't have my own horse yet but i get to ride on Pepper my brothers horse sometimes and one of our other horses Blondie. I hope one day to own a spotty white horse!

  • Our Stallions!

    WSP Mordecai's Laird aka Mordecai
    6yo bay leopard appaloosa stallion
    Mordecai is by far the most calm & beautiful natured stallion here. He is the first to meet you at the gate and will follow you around and will nudge you for a pet. He loves little children and loves to be brushed! He is a gem under saddle however we had some minor complications training him bitless however our good friend @Kody-Böhming helped us out with that! Mordecai not only passes down his looks to his foals but also his friendly & calm temperament.
    ridden pic's are taken & edited by @Kody-Böhming during our collab
    0_1536839732326_Screenshot-71.jpg 0_1536839751775_Screenshot-81.jpg 0_1536839759536_Bh24q9c.jpg 0_1536839762169_eVZpzPI.jpg

    OCS The Lone One aka Mojo
    4yo Bay tovero colt
    Project, in training
    from @Kody-Böhming

    0_1538398089671_6nINOUu.jpg 0_1538398098052_Screenshot-30.jpg 0_1538398110318_Screenshot-214.jpg 0_1538398116116_Screenshot-229.jpg

  • Our Mares!

    BOS Zenzero aka Ginger
    9yo varnish roan appaloosa mare
    from @Chloe-West
    GR One Hit Wonder aka Blondie
    8yo buckskin tobiano APH mare
    BOS Jinx Me Now aka Jinx
    7yo Bay overo APH mare.
    In training
    from @Chloe-West

    RL Good Lil' Chip aka Tage
    10yo bay leopard appaloosa mare
    Extreme Cowboy, pleasure

    WSP Dressed In Black aka Maggie
    12yo Black & White tobiano mare
    Broodmare, allrounder

    D/Z Pepper's Classic Royal aka Pepper
    6yo Bay splash APH mare
    Reining, Allrounder
    from @Francesca-Díaz

    WSP Thrilling Jolt
    16yo black overo APH mare
    Pleasure, allrounder

  • Youngsters

  • Beautiful Horses! I fell in love with Jinx. Her Markings are very amazing :D
    And i like, that you have Pepper! She's fine with u <3

  • You've got some nice and unique looking horses, which are all stunning! <3 WSP Mordecai's Laird is my favourite by far though, he's got such a cute face <3

  • @Francesca-Díaz Thankyou! Jinx is a very pretty girl, a lot of people seem to like her ;)

    @Shea-Hamilton Thanks! He is a sweetheart, i have a big soft spot for him <3

  • Really Beautiful stocks you got there, I'm excited to see more updates

  • Beautiful stockhorses! I'm looking forward for more pictures of your horses <3

  • @Nicole-Löffler @Sorina-Collins thankyou!

    A big day ahead!

    Huge plans for today! I plan on riding a few horses so have my work cut out for me!

    RL Good Lil' Chick aka Tage <3
    Tage's first ride on 5 months! She was amazing. Was a little rusty but picked everything back up like a pro towards the end. She is amazing this mare, never disappoints. Was going to breed her this foal crop but after today i'm thinking of training her in Extreme cowboy racing D:


    BOSS Jinx Me Now!
    Jinx watching me saddle up Tage! She looked so cute!


    Also got to test out our new fresh built extreme cowboy course on our boys!

    Myself riding Mordecai
    Jordan riding Mojo

    And Leo riding Atlas

  • Meet GR Ruf N Speckled!

    Everyone meet my new colt! GR Ruf N Speckled, my new 2.5yo pintaloosa colt. Still got no barn name so comment some!

    He arrived safely after a long trip and is now settling in his new paddock.
    0_1537401391849_Screenshot-217.jpg 0_1537401394719_Screenshot-218.jpg 0_1537401397343_Screenshot-219.jpg 0_1537401400912_Screenshot-220.jpg 0_1537401403682_Screenshot-221.jpg 0_1537401408297_Screenshot-225.jpg

    One bad thing about my filly Joey, is that she hates water! She always will jump over our water jump in our extreme cowboy course. So that is something i need to work on. Other than that she is amazing!

    Mojo on the other hand..He loves water! Will always pore the ground in the water, role in it or lay in it. He has even gone to lay down in it with Jordan on his back! Anyways here is a picture of him laying in the water mote in our arena...



    Ziggy is still looking for a home!
    My little colt isn't so little anymore :( His getting bigger everyday i can't keep up :(

  • Ruf N Speckled looks awesome. Good luck with him! And i'd call him Rufus but i'm awful with barn names xD
    and Ziggy is so pretty ❤

  • Pretty ponies! :p

  • Following Footsteps

    Proud mumma here! OCS The Lone One is looking amazing and all the hard work is finally paying off! He was such a tricky young colt to work with when he first came and i didn't think i had a chance. I kept working and working with him and now all that work has finally paid off. Today during our ride he was amazing, best ride yet on him. He has such an amazing and beautiful dam who is owned by myself and sire who is owned by Kody. I see a big and bright future for this guy!



    Also i'd just like to say one of my beautiful mares who i have never introduced to you guys is up for sale, so please if you are interested have a look at my sales thread.

    "WSP Passing Through"
    0_1537618873943_Screenshot-230.jpg 0_1537618876880_Screenshot-232.jpg 0_1537618879976_Screenshot-235.jpg 0_1537618882340_Screenshot-236.jpg 0_1537618893665_Screenshot-237.jpg

  • The pic from the horse rolling in the water is so sweet

  • You've got some pretty ponies there!

  • New ponies!

    Over the past week we have gotten a fair bit of new horses here. So i'd like to introduce you all to most of them! :D

    Firstly, meet KR Chex Silver Star and KR Radical Rooney.
    Chex is a beautiful 3yo silver grullo overo splash mare and Rooney is a gorgeous 10yo splash chestnut APH mare. Both these mare's won me over with their beautiful looks and movement! I cannot wait to get Chex undersaddle and to ride Rooney!


    Meet WSP Thrilling Jolt aka Thriller!
    Thriller is a beautiful black and white overo mare. Thriller has been used as a trailriding horse for the past 6 years and before that was used as a broodmare. Cannot wait to start her back up into a small career :)

    Those are 2 of the new horses, will introduce the rest tomorrow :D

    Here is just a quick little show entry for a show on another forum ^^
    BOSS Jinx Me Now.

  • Chex Silver Star is like my dream stock horse. Wow :heart_eyes: Definitely makes me miss the breed.

  • You've hit a weak spot here! Rooney is absolutely gorgeous :heart_eyes: Also Thriller and Jinx me Now are absolute stunners, you've got some high quality horses over there :two_hearts:

  • So many stunning horses. <3

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