Woodside Park Stud || Bentley The Premature Foal // 27/04

  • the foal is too cute :heart_eyes:

  • @Gwen-Parker @Rena-Cort @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thankyou everyone for the comments!

    Show entry pics

    Just some show pictures for another forum :) it was a 3 day event.

    Day one was reining. Ramstead's Lightn Dwight aka Dwight entered the reining day in the advanced category. He did amazing for our pattern as per usual.


    Day two was Western Pleasure. I entered WSP Atraktin' The Girls aka Memphis in the advanced class. For his fist ever outing with us he was perfect, calm and of course did the pattern perfectly without any faults.


    Day three was trail. TJS Double Exposure aka Tonto entered in the advanced class. Yet again, this boy is outstanding and presented every obstacle like a champ.

    Another random show pic of myself & Memphis walking along the show arena past the shops while the freestyle reining warm up was on. Many people loves him!


  • New horses // raw pics

    These pics are fully unedited ^^

    0_1549164072151_Screenshot-262.jpg 0_1549164076093_Screenshot-264.jpg 0_1549164079093_Screenshot-265.jpg 0_1549164083319_Screenshot-271.jpg 0_1549164089201_Screenshot-272.jpg 0_1549164091433_Screenshot-274.jpg 0_1549164093219_Screenshot-275.jpg

    + some imports i made for a friend

    0_1549164121140_Screenshot-252.jpg 0_1549164124213_Screenshot-256.jpg 0_1549164127086_Screenshot-260.jpg

  • More raw pics! fully unedited!

    Crash is by far the dirtiest horse always. I'll wash day he is brown! Even if he has a rug on xD he still manages to get dirty.
    0_1550286064338_Screenshot-276.jpg 0_1550286067261_Screenshot-279.jpg 0_1550286072281_Screenshot-286.jpg
    peep stirrups i forgot to edit out :3

    Memphis is very exited to be off stall rest!
    We do not normally stall our horses but 2 days ago Memphis suffered choke. Had the vet called out and got told to keep watch on him. But he has the all clear now so just got turned back out and he as you cal tell is very happy....!!


  • Your horses are beautiful! I love all their different patterns.

  • What a dirty horse 🙈
    I love your pictures I

  • D/Z Hezza Linebacker Joe! @Francesca-Díaz

    Joe, only 8 months old and aready standing at 14.3h! His going to be a biiiiiiig boy. Myself & Wesley are getting him &Riot ready for their first upcoming halter show! Joe is doing fantastic...Riot on the other hand we have been having some problems with.

    pic edited by @Francesca-Díaz
    0_1552543779880_35259002vm.jpg 0_1552543786278_Screenshot-389.jpg 0_1552543789201_Screenshot-392.jpg

    WSP Stink Eye aka Blinker. My new dominant white stallion.


  • Love your h7orses! Your pics looks gorgeous, even though they are unedited <3

  • Riot should take an example from Joe. :laughing:
    Great pictures and Blinker is really fancy :3

  • Meet Doris & Betty!!!

    Doris and Betty were at the auctions. They where there last weeks sale, got sold and owner did not end up picking up or paying for them. Lucky for them they didn't go to the slaughter they just went back through the next sale. Wesley our fulltime trainer messaged me: -see in text pictures-

    Texts <--- please read!

    -please read text messages before this-

    The girls were scared and rushed straight out of the float. They are skinny, furry and terrified. Iv'e named them Doris & Betty. Doris is pregnant and looks to be due any day, and Betty might be to the same stallion. Both are from a backyard breeder who apparently sent 30 horses to the auction last week including Betty & Doris however these girls did not sell. They are purebred AQH's which is a plus.

    0_1553493591234_Screenshot-426.jpg 0_1553493597211_Capture.JPG 0_1553493603231_Screenshot-430.jpg 0_1553493606056_Screenshot-429.jpg 0_1553493608552_Screenshot-431.jpg 0_1553493611061_Screenshot-433.jpg 0_1553493615578_Screenshot-434.jpg 0_1553493617990_Screenshot-435.jpg

    WSP Buyit Riot!

    Riot's glow up! from 2 weeks - 7 months and doing her first show!

    0_1553514242749_Screenshot-218.jpg 0_1553514246300_Screenshot-438.jpg

  • Riot looks like a very happy and energetic girl! Her coat is stunning and i love her little dapples. I hope she goes well in her first show :heart_exclamation:

  • TJS Double Exposure

    Proudly showing you all this photo of my outstanding stallion "Tonto". I cannot wait to see his first foals this year and how they come out.

    Tonto has 45pts for Halter & Ranch versatility via CS

    Picture edited by my best friend Tiffany Connel on facebook.

  • My first ever horse iv'e made with a Somatic mutation type of coat! Very proud of it. White markings made by me. This was an import for a friend :)

    0_1555509662499_Screenshot-591.jpg 0_1555509665545_Screenshot-588.jpg 0_1555509669357_Screenshot-597.jpg 0_1555509673078_Screenshot-592.jpg 0_1555509675897_Screenshot-593.jpg 0_1555509678849_Screenshot-589.jpg

  • Soo beauty!!!!

  • Bentley The Premature Foal!

    2 days ago our mare WSP Marlinroai was showing signs of labor, yet she was only at day 305 so wasn't near her due date. I called the vet out right away.

    When the vet arrived he examined Marli and discovered she infact was in labor. Marli's bags are still empty so if this foal survives it will hav to be bottle fed unless we can find a mare to adopt it. Soon later Marli went down and gave birth to a beautiful bay sabino filly. She was very very small & weak, myself, Wesley and our vet were quite worried about her so we stayed and watched. Marli was very gentle with her, being careful where she stepped as she got up from laying down and as she walked around the little filly. Our vet said if Marli stays this gentle the filly may be able to stay with her as long as we bottle feed her.

    A little wile later the filly finally stood up after trying & trying. She was very weak & wobbly. Kept falling over but every time she fell she would stand back up better & quicker. Our vet gave her a health check and she is healthy, but very small, skinny & weak so we have to keep an extremely close eye on her. He also showed us how to mix up the bottle's formula for her milk and how much to give her. By that time it was 12:00am so our vet then went home to get some rest.



    The next morning our vet came out again to check up on the filly again aswell as help Wesley & i move her into the stables where it will be warmer & safer. Our vet said she seemed better & a little more alive. She licked Wesley's arm when he was carrying her so her little character is starting to come out.

    We decided to call her Bentley :)

    0_1556345923790_Screenshot-657.jpg 0_1556345926296_Screenshot-658.jpg

  • She's gorgeous! So cute <3

  • She is amazing courage and strength little girl <3

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