Woodside Park Stud || Dirty pon & Memphis the rodeo horse! // 16/02

  • @Lindsay-Wish Thankyou! Personally not my best D:

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thanks!

  • Training, vet checks & bucking!


    GR Ruf N Speckled

    Saddled for the first time today! He was really calm. Only did the girth loose but still firm enough to keep the saddle on. I need to work with patience with him, after 5 minutes of me grooming him trying to get the dry mud off he started getting impatient and would pore the ground and pull back a little. Kept moving around. So that is one thing i need to work on. Also Mordecai came over and said hello and Specky went weird... I Think he has some kind on nervous/anxiety around other horses. He pulled back and tried to run off and kick out at the fence behind him. He was behind the hitching post as if he felt safe behind there? Strange, i'll figure something out.

    Also if your wondering why Mordecai was out that's because i let him out around our arena, carpark and tackup area to trim down the grass. I rotate what horses i use.


    Vet Checks!
    Ginger, Maggie, Thriller and Blondie all got vet checked today to see if they have the all clear ready for breeding.

    Ginger was perfect, although she is a little overweight so i have to cut down the hay a little. But other than that she is healthy and ready to breed!

    Maggie was brilliant, was going to sleep as Stacy our vet was checking her. Found out she has a scar on her upper back left leg on the inside. Must be from an old injury. You can't see it unless you know it's there or your looking for it. Stacy said it won't effect her any way.

    Thriller is perfect which is a relief as she is getting old. Stacy said she is healthy and her weight & muscle condition is perfect.

    Blondie was great, besides having a swollen hock which i noticed that morning. She is a little lame but Stacy said just to ice it once a day, lightly work her and it will heal on it's own. I think it way of been from a kick from one of the other mares. It's nothing serious and it will be gone in a couple of days.

    So all mares have the thumbs up and are ready to breed! Blondie will be getting bred a week later though when the swelling has gone.

    Photo's of each of the mares getting their vet checks. Order from top to bottom: Ginger, Maggie, Thriller & Blondie
    0_1538397692079_Screenshot-49.jpg 0_1538397694451_Screenshot-50.jpg 0_1538397696585_Screenshot-51.jpg

    Stacy wanted to see her favorite stallion and of course i couldn't say no <3 My beautiful gentle boy saying hello to our vet. Such an amazing boy, i don't know what i did to deserve such a kind & amazing natured stallion.


    Well... picture explains it all.

    Gordan learnt not to get up close & personal with Jinx. Leo and i were playing around with them practicing lead line courses. This was Gordan's first encounter with a mare since getting gelded and well... Let's say i don't think he will want to be in contact with any mare anytime soon xD

    Gordan just went to say hello then Jinx ripped up a huge buck and almost got him! Geez was Gordan on edge for the rest of the day xD Poor boy! he is so soft and kind this gave him a huge shock :"D


  • Stallion Showcase!

    Mordecai falling asleep during our stallion showcase today!

    We had our stallion showcase today. If your wondering what that is, well... A stallion showcase is when we open our stud for the public to come and visit and see our stallions we have available for breeding. We show them off riding however some people like to just lead them around. Today because we only have Mordecai for breeding he was the only stallion but we did have a lot of people interested in him.

    We did a reining pattern, regular flat work so people can see all his gaits, and of course then after showing off his skills on our extreme cowboy course! Mordecai did so well today for this 3rd ever showcase and i'm so proud of him!


    Gordan & Ginger

    Poor Gordan... Alway's is getting bullied by the other horses xD

    Gordan can almost be let back out in a paddock! Hopefully with Mordecai. Because he was gelded last week he needs to be locked up to lower the risk of re opening his stitched wound or it getting infected ^^

    Ginger's diet officially starts today! She will be kept in our small yards/outdoor stables for 2 days, then let out into our medium sized paddock for one day. Then repeat. She will of course still be getting fed on the two days she is kept in so i'm not starving her!! Anyways she is being a grump to Gordan <3


  • Boys Will Be Boys!

    OCS The Lone One & WSP Mordecai's Laird.

    Mojo & Mordecai playing over the fence. These two are so cute to watch. Mojo grabs Mordecai's mane, Mordecai playfully bites Mojo. Thankfully they don't take it too far. However Mordecai has kicked Mojo to tell him to stop.

    ---- @Kody-Böhming ---


    Oh i'm sorry girls..Did i interrupt something?
    WSP Dressed In Black & WSP Thrilling Jolt
    Maggie & Thriller laying in the sun with their big bellies. Due any day now but at the moment 0 signs of close to labor therefor they are still paddocked together. Vet is scheduled to come out tomorrow to do another check up on all 4 girls. 0_1541889903364_Screenshot-106.jpg

  • Cows Are Scary!

    Cherry my 4yo AQH mare thinks cows are extremely scary.

    0_1545532891927_Screenshot-67.jpg 0_1545532894942_Screenshot-68.jpg

    I'd also like to apologize for my absence. About a month ago i did not have any motivation and didn't see it coming back. I decided to quit sims to decide & think what i want. After some help & advice from my close friends i am back with a fresh start that will hopefully bring my motivation back. Woodside Park is still Woodside Park. We just have brand new horses & characters.

  • Hey guys! So for those who don't know i started fresh i think about 2 weeks ago hoping to get my motivation back which so far it's working. So i have a bunch of different horses you guys haven't met so i'm going to introduce you all to some of them.

    Firstly one of my main stallions...
    WSP Stir Me Some
    15yo bay APH stallion

    WSP Sun Of A Gun
    4yo Chestnut APH colt

    WSP Toxic Manner
    5yo sooty palomino mare

    WSP Parta Was Good
    9yo chesnut APH mare

    WSP She Pre Cute
    6yo palomino aph mare

    WSP Bat Shot Crazy
    12yo Champagne Buckskin mare

    Val De loir
    3 rising 4yo Black (greying out) thoroughbred Gelding

    WSP Shootin' Tings
    5yo chestnut aph/aqh stallion

    WSP Cutie Partooti
    1yo bay aph filly

  • Meet Monkey!

    Monkey is my brand new mustang gelding.

    Story: this was from 2 weeks ago

    After a long & very stressful trip, loads of phone calls and texts my new boy is home. So thankful my transport guy is so laid back, kind & patient.

    Monkey took a long trip all the way to Australia here at Woodside Park.

    • Arriving -
      I got a phone call that night from Phil my transporter. He said he is hoping to arrive early tomorrow morning around 6:00am.

    We are lucky enough to have enough space for the float to back up to the entry of our round pen so we can easily let Monkey our without putting anyone or himself in danger.
    As Phil is backing up the float I hear a lot of hooves stomping around in the float. Sounded like there were around 10 horses in there.

    I slowly lifted the latch to the back door of the float, pulled it out towards my body and then Phil slowly lowered the back door letting Monkey out. Monkey rushed out and was galloping Laps of the round pen, calling out and calling out. His neigh was like fear, echoed through the whole property along with some of my horses calling back. He galloped around for 5 minutes straight. Then stopped. He stood on the edge and stared an Phil and I. His eyes look terrified but I can tel under all that is a beautiful, kind & gentle horse. He then continued to gallop laps of the round pen, he would slow down to a trot and rear up to try to see over the round pen fence to look at the other horses. After repeating that over a several amount of times he slowed down right to a walk and just walked laps. Phil said goodbye, good luck and left.
    The morning sun made his fluffy, straggly winter coat shimmer like is hat glitter on it. I cannot wait for him to lose that long thick coat. I gently threw a biscuit of plain grass hay over the fence to give him something to eat but he wasn’t interested. I went back inside to have breakfast and finish doing my house chores.

    0_1546665782121_Screenshot-4.jpg 0_1546665785552_Screenshot-5.jpg 0_1546665789722_Screenshot-6.jpg

    2 weeks later


    Gosh he is stunning. He is very inquisitive and eager to be friendly. His ears prick when i walk past and i see on the corner of my eye his head follows me because he is watching me. It's been 2 weeks now and has settled well. Waits at the gate morning & night for his breakfast & dinner but when i approach the pen he trots to back, but still watches me as i throw over the hay. I'm hoping to get a sniff (on my hand) by the end of this week!

    @/ Colton Galloway

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    Monkey is so sweet! Keep us updated how his training goes - I'm sure he'll find ways to keep it interesting for you :p

  • Monkey Update!

    Monkey seemed a little stressed thismorning. He was back pacing the round yard and just wasn't acting how he normally does. So i decided to give him a little turnout in the arena so he can stretch his legs as he had been in the roundpen for 3 weeks now. Wesley and i set up some metal panels guiding a path towards the arena entrance and let Monkey out. Surprisingly he just walked. He trotted around a bit holding his head high trying to see the other horses then calmbed down and just stood there in the center.

    I then decided to put in another horse with him. He hasn't been in actual contact with another horse for awhile and probably needs it. So i went and caught Lorenzo who is probably the most quiet & calm gelding we have here and put him in with Monkey. They sniffed, neighed and cantered around for a little while then calmed down and we just "hung out" together.

    After today i can tell Monkey is going to make an amazing boy once he gains by trust and i can properly start to work with him. He is so gentle & calm for a mustang and for not being in contact with another horse for awhile and used to being in the wild in a herd he handled his first encounter with another horse extremely well. After a few hours of me just admiring Lorenzo & Monkey Wesley put Lorenzo back in his paddock and i rounded Monkey back into the round pen.


    New faces!

    Meet TJS Lorenzo... who you met before in the picture with Monkey. Lorenzo is my sweet new aqh gelding. He is extremely sweet & laid back so was a perfect edition here!


    Next up is AF Lightn Dwight aka Dwight! My new aph sooty buckskin overo stallion. This guy is a stunner and i cannot wait to see where he takes me!


    Next is AF You Mae Kiss aka Mae! Mae is my new palomino tobiano aph mare. Isn't she sweet? A picture of her being ridden by our trainer Wesley. I think she has his stamp of approval ;)


    Last up is TJS Double Exposure aka Tonto, who iv'e had for a little while now but haven't had a chance to introduce him to you all. Tonto is a beautiful chestnut sabino stallion. He is young but really smart and has had really good training therefor he is coming along nicely. Here is a picture of him at the SLS Ranch Versatility show via CS show.

    My website is finally up & running! :3


    Wow! It's been awhile since we have had a foal here at Woodside Park. I'd like you all to meet WSP Buyit Riot! WSP Esmeralda x WSP Stir Me Some.

    This little filly is full on. She already has a whole lot of sass. I'm going to have my hands full with this little girl.

    Her marking is made by @Marquis-Moulin

    An unedited photo of WSP Passion Aspen! Doing some ranch versatility work.


    YR Ima Dun Penny aka Penny
    flaxen chestnut dun mare


    engelberg‘s Party Crasher

    Red dun sabino APH mare

    WSP Cutie Partooti <3 this girl is maturing really nice

    Two of my favorite boys!

    TJS Double Exposure & AF Lightn Dwight. Pic completely unedited.

  • awww the foal is so adorable! <3
    and the coat of Party Crasher..... holy shit... :heart_eyes:
    I'm in love with Lightn Dwight too, damn so many beautiful horsies!

  • WSP Cutie Partooti is definitely a cutie :heart_eyes:
    You have so many beautiful horses on your hands, especially the new foal. Good luck with her!

  • the foal is too cute :heart_eyes:

  • @Gwen-Parker @Rena-Cort @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thankyou everyone for the comments!

    Show entry pics

    Just some show pictures for another forum :) it was a 3 day event.

    Day one was reining. Ramstead's Lightn Dwight aka Dwight entered the reining day in the advanced category. He did amazing for our pattern as per usual.


    Day two was Western Pleasure. I entered WSP Atraktin' The Girls aka Memphis in the advanced class. For his fist ever outing with us he was perfect, calm and of course did the pattern perfectly without any faults.


    Day three was trail. TJS Double Exposure aka Tonto entered in the advanced class. Yet again, this boy is outstanding and presented every obstacle like a champ.

    Another random show pic of myself & Memphis walking along the show arena past the shops while the freestyle reining warm up was on. Many people loves him!


  • New horses // raw pics

    These pics are fully unedited ^^

    0_1549164072151_Screenshot-262.jpg 0_1549164076093_Screenshot-264.jpg 0_1549164079093_Screenshot-265.jpg 0_1549164083319_Screenshot-271.jpg 0_1549164089201_Screenshot-272.jpg 0_1549164091433_Screenshot-274.jpg 0_1549164093219_Screenshot-275.jpg

    + some imports i made for a friend

    0_1549164121140_Screenshot-252.jpg 0_1549164124213_Screenshot-256.jpg 0_1549164127086_Screenshot-260.jpg

  • More raw pics! fully unedited!

    Crash is by far the dirtiest horse always. I'll wash day he is brown! Even if he has a rug on xD he still manages to get dirty.
    0_1550286064338_Screenshot-276.jpg 0_1550286067261_Screenshot-279.jpg 0_1550286072281_Screenshot-286.jpg
    peep stirrups i forgot to edit out :3

    Memphis is very exited to be off stall rest!
    We do not normally stall our horses but 2 days ago Memphis suffered choke. Had the vet called out and got told to keep watch on him. But he has the all clear now so just got turned back out and he as you cal tell is very happy....!!


  • Your horses are beautiful! I love all their different patterns.

  • What a dirty horse 🙈
    I love your pictures I

  • D/Z Hezza Linebacker Joe! @Francesca-Díaz

    Joe, only 8 months old and aready standing at 14.3h! His going to be a biiiiiiig boy. Myself & Wesley are getting him &Riot ready for their first upcoming halter show! Joe is doing fantastic...Riot on the other hand we have been having some problems with.

    pic edited by @Francesca-Díaz
    0_1552543779880_35259002vm.jpg 0_1552543786278_Screenshot-389.jpg 0_1552543789201_Screenshot-392.jpg

    WSP Stink Eye aka Blinker. My new dominant white stallion.


  • Love your h7orses! Your pics looks gorgeous, even though they are unedited <3

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