Woodside Park Stud || Dirty pon & Memphis the rodeo horse! // 16/02

  • the foal is too cute :heart_eyes:

  • @Gwen-Parker @Rena-Cort @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thankyou everyone for the comments!

    Show entry pics

    Just some show pictures for another forum :) it was a 3 day event.

    Day one was reining. Ramstead's Lightn Dwight aka Dwight entered the reining day in the advanced category. He did amazing for our pattern as per usual.


    Day two was Western Pleasure. I entered WSP Atraktin' The Girls aka Memphis in the advanced class. For his fist ever outing with us he was perfect, calm and of course did the pattern perfectly without any faults.


    Day three was trail. TJS Double Exposure aka Tonto entered in the advanced class. Yet again, this boy is outstanding and presented every obstacle like a champ.

    Another random show pic of myself & Memphis walking along the show arena past the shops while the freestyle reining warm up was on. Many people loves him!


  • New horses // raw pics

    These pics are fully unedited ^^

    0_1549164072151_Screenshot-262.jpg 0_1549164076093_Screenshot-264.jpg 0_1549164079093_Screenshot-265.jpg 0_1549164083319_Screenshot-271.jpg 0_1549164089201_Screenshot-272.jpg 0_1549164091433_Screenshot-274.jpg 0_1549164093219_Screenshot-275.jpg

    + some imports i made for a friend

    0_1549164121140_Screenshot-252.jpg 0_1549164124213_Screenshot-256.jpg 0_1549164127086_Screenshot-260.jpg

  • More raw pics! fully unedited!

    Crash is by far the dirtiest horse always. I'll wash day he is brown! Even if he has a rug on xD he still manages to get dirty.
    0_1550286064338_Screenshot-276.jpg 0_1550286067261_Screenshot-279.jpg 0_1550286072281_Screenshot-286.jpg
    peep stirrups i forgot to edit out :3

    Memphis is very exited to be off stall rest!
    We do not normally stall our horses but 2 days ago Memphis suffered choke. Had the vet called out and got told to keep watch on him. But he has the all clear now so just got turned back out and he as you cal tell is very happy....!!


  • Your horses are beautiful! I love all their different patterns.

  • What a dirty horse 🙈
    I love your pictures I

  • D/Z Hezza Linebacker Joe! @Francesca-Díaz

    Joe, only 8 months old and aready standing at 14.3h! His going to be a biiiiiiig boy. Myself & Wesley are getting him &Riot ready for their first upcoming halter show! Joe is doing fantastic...Riot on the other hand we have been having some problems with.

    pic edited by @Francesca-Díaz
    0_1552543779880_35259002vm.jpg 0_1552543786278_Screenshot-389.jpg 0_1552543789201_Screenshot-392.jpg

    WSP Stink Eye aka Blinker. My new dominant white stallion.


  • Love your h7orses! Your pics looks gorgeous, even though they are unedited <3

  • Riot should take an example from Joe. :laughing:
    Great pictures and Blinker is really fancy :3

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