{CURRENTLY OPEN} Retexturing Service

  • Luke Teth's Fabulous Service Thread

    Here for all of your sign, tacktrunk, tackbox and miscellaneous needs!

    Services Available Prices Slots
    Retexture Sign $8000 [0/2]
    Retexture Tacktrunk/Tackbox $10000 [0/2]
    Retexture Trailer $12000 [0/1]
    Retexture 'Other' $8000 - $20000 [0/1]


    • These retextures are private, made especially for you. Therefore, it's implied you won't share them.
    • Please give me 1-2 weeks to finish your retexture, beyond that feel free to harass (politely! I am only human c:).
    • 'Other' is just that, really anything. Depending on the complexity of the texture I'll adjust my price accordingly and let you know of the final price before I begin work. Saddlepads and Saddles would fall under 'Other', for example.
    • I hate doing nameplate retextures, so I am not offering them at this time.
    • I provide retextures in a .package format. I can provide .sims3pack on request.
    • I reserve the right to close the service (That is, not accept retexture orders for a period of time) regardless of whether slots are open or not in the event I need to focus on a smaller workload.
    • I must always respect a fellow creator's TOU. That being said, SLS, for example, has given permission to have her horse trailer retextured.
    **Name:** Name Here
    **Type of Retexture:**
    **Describe what you want!:**

    Please reply to this thread with your orders so I can keep track.

  • Name: Constantine Vale
    Type of Retexture: Trailer
    Describe what you want!: I want my stable's name on sls open trailer. "Autumn Woods" black, simple font like Times New Roman or Rokkitt on both sides of trailer
    Can we order more than one at a time? If yes I'd like to have theese too:
    Type of Retexture: Tacktrunk
    Describe what you want!: if possible Carmen Raymond's tacktrunk (http://raymondequestriancentre.weebly.com/news/tack-trunk) with "AW" on wider doors, the one with jumping horse ;)

  • Seeing as I've got no other orders I'll take on two at once :laughing: Accepted! I'll get to work sometime today and send you what I come up with :wink:

  • All slots open again :thumbsup:

  • Hi xD Are you still taking request? If yes please re-texture this, I appreciate so much!
    Name: Deheive Aro
    Type of Retexture: Trailer
    Describe what you want!: I want this on sls open & closed trailer! in the middle of tralier please. Thank you very much 0_1497810256249_LOGO-F.jpg

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