{RESULTS} Bare Valley Ridden Championships

  • Competition Committee

    Horse Name: Captain Slow
    Owner Name: Chloe Dunbar
    Stable Represented: Winyard Estate
    Rider Name: Melody Smith
    Level Entered: Beginner (edited)

    alt text

  • Horse Name: OCS Two Steps Fancy
    Owner Name: Cristyne Westwood
    Stable Represented: Pine Lake Ranch
    Rider Name: Anna Bennet
    Level Entered: Beginner Unedited
    alt text

  • Horse Name: AGEC RFE King of the Kosmos
    Owner Name: Cristyne Westwood
    Stable Represented: Autumn Grove Equestrian Center
    Rider Name: Elsa Jackson
    Level Entered: Intermediate Unedited
    alt text

  • This challenge ends at midnight tonight! Don’t forget to enter your entries through the google form too for them to be accepted and judged :heart:

  • After a couple of long awaited days, the results are finally here! Thank you to everyone who entered and who enjoyed the challenge! Due to the small amount of entries, winnings have been doubled. I will be sending payouts within the next day or too. If by some chance i forget too, dont hesitate to message me :heart:

    And again, congratulations to all winners!


  • Thank you so much for hosting this challenge Charlie, I loved dressing up my horses! :two_hearts:

  • The Ridden Showing discipline is really interesting, it was fun to participate. I am also very grateful for the detailed information and even examples from the game that you provided about the discipline! It really helped a newcomer like me... I'm definitely going to continue my learnings and improvement in this discipline. Thank you so much for hosting and for the time and effort that you put into your show, Charlie! :)

  • Thank you for hosting such a fun challenge! Like Karen said I really appreciated all the resources and examples you provided for a newcomer to ridden showing!! Hope you'll host more challenges in the future :heart:

  • Thanks for hosting! Iced Latte S did his very best!

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