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  • Please post comments and or questions, concerns here :heart:

  • So excited! Are their arena turnout rules, such as grass footing? I cant find anything mentioned about it. Also, is a regular contour saddle pad allowed as we don't have contour sheepskin ones?

  • @Eowyn-Vance

    Just updated the thread with more info about the turn out, grass arenas are more common but you’re welcome to make it sand.
    And contour pads are allowed as I know we don’t have much variety for minimal ones, or just a sheepskin saddle (edge fluffing) will work too :smile:

  • thank you for hosting this—im super excited to participate! 🙌

    what’s the purpose of the different level payouts? will judging be stricter for higher levels, on things like professionalism and technicalities? i feel like everyone would want to clog up the advanced class for that sweet sweet 💰💰, yknow? again, thanks for hosting :yellow_heart:

  • @Alexa-la-Coupe
    I suppose the purpose of different levels and payouts is for realism's sake. There's also the idea that if everyone decides to enter at a higher level there's a lot of entries to compete with, rather then if you enter at a level (maybe a lower level in this case) without so many entries there isn't so many to compete against.
    Judging will all be the same i suppose, and yes judging will probably getting more precise and strict the higher the levels, focusing on the nitty gritty things as its at a higher stage.
    But all in all (currently written down in the thread) there isn't really much difference just straight up looking at them, other then money rewards which is currently the only thing that differentiates them all, but to answer your questions, yes judging will get stricter the higher the levels go :)

  • I have a quick question, for the unedited class is blurring of the background allowed? :heart:

  • @Tasha-White

    As long as nothing else is edited, blurring the background is fine for unedited an unedited class :)

  • Thank you Charlie! :heart:

  • Results have been posted and can be found HERE!

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