[WANTED] Overo Thoroughbreds

  • Yeah, you know I'm back for real when I'm already looking for fresh blood.

    Searching for some overo Thoroughbreds to add to my TB stock. I only have one line of o͉͖̻͟v͍͖͟er̰͍̝̘͎̙̰o̩͈͕͚̹̜ͅ in my TBs which is obviously UNACCEPTABLE and must be rectified. I'm looking for pretty much anything and my budget is upwards of 150k+ to get the right horse(s) in on this; I'm not concerned with other details as I'd like to leave this as open and flexible as possible to try and get something as opposed to nothing! Open to breedings or sales, stallions or mares, if they're Thoroughbred and carry O chances are I'm interested in seeing them. Obviously, English disciplines are preferred but I'll retrain if necessary.

    Thanks for the consideration, and I hope to find some good fits for my program!

  • I can make a foal for you or offer you this mare in BIY.
    Heritage's Nostalgia
    alt text
    Foundation, 86 points in Show Jumping (still active).

    I have some Thoroughbred stallions in eventing and show jumping (one of them could be the foal's sire). All foundation.

  • I still have to register the stallion because I'm a terrible person, but I have a buckskin overo stallion I could breed with my palomino splash mare and get you a double cream overo baby. :eyes: Not ideal but it's SOMETHING.

  • i could make you one :eyes:

  • Are you still looking for an overo TB? If so, pm, I have some available for breeding and possible sale.

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