Ardent Baldr Riding Centre

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    Bianca Young Björnson | Einar Björnson
    Ivar Björnson | Marcus Björnson
    Rachel Blue | Lucas Blue
    Abelon Blue | Khaylin Blue
    Lydia Allen | Nicolas Stark
    Sophia Fairley | Julie Torres
    Gabrielle Carter | Alexander McCallen
    Thomas Davies | Patricia Altreal
    Alicia Jones | Dominic Nessbit
    Wictoria Walker | Martha Evans
    Martin Harington | Isaac Swann
    Frida Björnson | Camila Amberful
    Catelyn Stevers | Salome Myrick
    Maze Ingram | Carl Finney
    Felix Hjalmarson | Jasper Woodard
    Lilly Nash | Judith Larson
    Susan Driver

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    Name Breed Coat Discipline Rider
    ABRC Buena Rivolva Belgian Warmblood Greyish Chestnut Overo Eventing Lydia Allen
    ABRC Alduin Mahlaan Belgian Warmblood Black Splash Show Jumping Khaylin Blue
    ABRC Paarthurnax Belgian Warmblood Bay Show Jumping Bianca Young Björnson
    ABRC Odyn Belgian Warmblood Black Eventing and Show Jumping Einar Björnson
    ABRC Valhalla Belgian Warmblood Gold Champagne Eventing Gabrielle Carter
    ABRC Forochel Belgian Warmblood Greyish Black Show Jumping Isaac Swann
    ABRC Valyria Belgian Warmblood Chestnut Dressage Sophie Fairley
    ABRC Voluspa Belgian Warmblood Amber Champagne Eventing and Show Jumping Bianca Young Björnson
    ABRC White Jupiter Belgian Warmblood Grey Dressage Bianca Young Björnson
    ABRC Baldr Belgian Warmblood Black Overo Eventing Niecolas Stark
    ABRC Bay of Liberty KWPN Buckskin Eventing Catelyn Stevers
    PCRA Almette KWPN Dark Chestnut Splash Show Jumping Carl Finney
    PCRA Capitan America KWPN Buckskin Sabino Show Jumping Catelyn Stevers
    PCRA Indiana Jones KWPN Chestnut Dressage Jasper Woodard
    VD Meraxes KWPN Chestnut Dressage Maze Ingram
    Birkebei Lorelei KWPN Bay Show Jumping Salome Myrick
    Birkebei Celtian KWPN Greyish Black Dressage Felix Hjalmarson
    Birkebei Satyros KWPN Bay Show Jumping Alexander McCallen
    Birkebei Bjorgel KWPN Chestnut Eventing Maze Ingram
    Birkebei Blood of Heroes KWPN Bay Show Jumping Einar Björnson
    Birkebei Fiesta Pagana KWPN Flaxen Chestnut Eventing Abelon Blue
    Birkebei Vianna KWPN Chestnut Tobiano Eventing Salome Myrick
    Mancala RC KWPN Greyish Black Show Jumping Felix Hjalmarson
    Chupalino RC KWPN Chestnut Dressage ---
    Birkebei Manuett KWPN Dark Chestnut Dressage Salome Myrick
    Birkebei Bonnie at Morn KWPN Dark Chestnut Show Jumping Carl Finney
    ABRC Azura Hanoverian Bay Dressage Rachel Blue
    ABRC Darameya Hanoverian Dark Chestnut Show Jumping Lucas Blue
    ABRC Melkor Friesian Black Dressage Lydia Allen
    ABRC Valandur II Andalusian Palomino Dressage Nicolas Stark
    ABRC Walpurgisnacht Andalusian Black Dressage Bianca Young Björnson
    ABRC Nithfellir North Swedish Draft Bay Carriage Driving ---
    ABRC Eskel North Swedish Draft Bay Carriage Driving ---
    DBEC Lona Trakehner Black Show Jumping Julie Torres
    DBEC Mjoll Trakehner Bay Dressage Lydia Allen
    ABRC Arkay Grade Horse Palomino Sabino Show Jumping Rachel Blue
    ERS Sylur Thoroughbred Palomino Flat Racing Martha Evans
    ABRC Celembrimbor Akhal Teke Black Endurance Lucas Blue
    ABRC Viserys Akhal Teke Black Endurance Bianca Young Björnson
    ABRC Droiana Akhal Teke Palomino Sabino Endurance Martin Harington
    ABRC Varda Akhal Teke Buckskin Endurance Gabrielle Carter
    ABRC Minerwa Akhal Teke Black Endurence Martin Harington
    ABRC Valaquenta Pinto Bay Tovero Show Hunter Rachel Blue
    ABRC Visenya's Quest Pinto Bay Tobiano Show Hunter ---
    BHB Fire Fenix Appaloosa Buckskin Snowcap Western Pleasure Thomas Davies
    ABRC Laconia Anglo-Arabian Grey Show Jumping Lucas Blue
    ABRC Shavee Arabian Chestnut Show Jumping Rachel Blue
    ABRC Red Wizard Arabian Red Dun Western Pleasure Thomas Davies
    ABRC Savir de'la Din Arabian Greyish Black Endurance Bianca Young Björnson
    ABRC Rhovianion Arabian Chestnut Endurance Rachel Blue
    GAHS Fawara Arabian Greyish Black Dressage Gabrielle Carter
    GAHS Kha'azal Arabian Dark Bay Rabicano Dressage ---

    Name Breed Coat Discipline Rider
    ABRC Sølvøye Welsh Section D Grey Show Jumping Ivar Björnson
    Freckled Strawberry Fjord Buckskin Show Jumping Abelon Blue
    ABRC Yoki Welsh Mountain Pony Section A Grey Show Jumping Dominic Nesbitt
    ABRC Aiden Connemara Buckskin Show Jumping Khaylin Blue
    ABRC Necra Haflinger Flaxen Chestnut Show Jumping Alicia Jones
    ABRC Pasio Konik Polski Mouse Show Jumping Lilly Nash
    BHB Bombadil Shetland Pony Greyish Chestnut Overo --- ---
    BHB Jaehaerys Hucuł Chestnut Tobiano Dressage Ivar Björnson
    Youth Yesterday DRP\Welsh Section C Bay Tovero Eventing Khaylin Blue
    ABRC Rhosgobel Gypsy Vanner Black Tobiano Dressage Sophie Fairley
    ABRC Black Eye Rogers Gypsy Vanner Black Tobiano --- ---

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  • ABRC Baldr
    Time for eating!
    alt text

  • :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

  • Cute horse! <3

  • Birkebei Bjorgel & Maze Ingram
    alt text

    ABRC Odyn & Einar Björnson
    alt text

    ABRC Baldr & Nicolas Stark
    alt text

    Competition in other forum

  • baldr looks greate!

  • Guessing you named your stable after that ABRC Baldr horsie :P

  • @Lidija-Rotherford This is long story haha :)

  • ABRC Nithfellir and ABRC Eskel
    My lovely boys!

  • ABRC Azura
    Waiting for Rachel... <3
    alt text

  • That snow pic is absolutely adorable!

  • PCRA Almette, Carl and Birkebei Bonnie at Morn
    New foal mare
    Birkebei Blood of Heroes x PCRA Almette
    alt text

  • Look at Azura, such a good girl waiting! :D

  • Me and ABRC White Jupiter
    Spring is here!
    First riding lesson in outside, yay!
    alt text

  • Vivienne and Birkebei Vianna
    New rider!
    alt text

  • They look so cute together <3 <3

  • I'm definetly bookmarking your blog.
    Your horses are awesome! and your sims too.
    And all the GOT/Tolkien/Mythological names are just perfect.

  • ABRC White Jupiter and Vivienne
    Is it already the Middle Ages?
    alt text

  • DBEC Mjoll and Lydia, DBEC Lona and Julie
    Time for training!
    Mjoll is a new horse in stable.
    Lydia fall in love with her!
    alt text

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