Ardent Baldr Riding Centre | 09.02.2020 | Bye, but not for long!

  • That's a pretty pon right there and the edit is really well done! Love it <3 All the best to your new couple :D

  • What a stunning horse and editing!

  • ABRC Olgierd
    polish coldblood
    Two riders from our stable - Bianca and Gundrun - had their birthdays on 29 December.
    They organized a great party together in our centre, and this big boy was a gift to Gundrun.
    alt text

  • Oh wow, look at that pretty chestnut! :heart_eyes: He's a stunner! <3

    And my draft heart melts when I see that chunky boy :heart_eyes: More drafts to the people! :ok_hand:

  • 2019 Christmas Special Halter Show
    alt text
    ABRC Mirdautas Vras
    Handled by Joshua O'Gorman

    alt text
    ABRC Primula
    Handled by Lydia Allen

    alt text
    Birkebei Bonnie at Morn
    Handled by Shora Royce

    alt text
    ABRC Brego
    Handled by Travis Bowens

    alt text
    Birkebei Vinrora
    Handled by Vivienne Wectaryen
    alt text
    Palm Tree Jumping Clinic
    alt text
    ABRC Mandragora and Gundrun Ward

    alt text
    AR Dondarrion and Jenny Olton
    alt text
    Birkebei Dagor Dalothra
    that's the picture I and Jenny got from Nicolas when we were at Palm Tree Jumping Clinic :sweat_smile:
    alt text

    I made new poses! CLICK

  • I'll have to say something about each of these horses because they are so pretty!
    First, I never thought a brown bridle would look good on a brown horse, but wow :drooling_face:
    Primula looks so huggable, waht's her breed?
    Omg the dapples on the Chestnut with no less than four socks!
    Brego reminds me of my very own real life baby :heart_eyes:
    The detail of the lashes on this one is perfect, good editing
    Mandragora has the cutest face marking. The same for Dondarrion, lovely snip

  • I love the Palm Tree Clinic pictures especially. Thank you for the poses, they look great. :)

  • Rocinante & Dondarrion <3

  • ABRC Ga'eels Ancalen
    alt text

    my last photo on the forum, but not my last irl!
    you can find me on instagram and saddle-up-sims... and of course I'll be in the new forum

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