Ardent Baldr Riding Centre | 17.08.2019 | Birkebei Blooddagger

  • Aahh haaa ABRC Wistula ...

  • The summervibeees :heart_eyes:

  • beautiful photo!! (also, rip their hat)

  • That poor hat. Rip.

    Gorgeous photo!! <3

  • ABRC Cordovega and Abigail
    alt text

  • AS Ihsan
    beautiful arabian stallion from @Jasmine-Wilkinson
    alt text

  • Oh godd that horse is so stuning <3

  • CREC Argantoom and Enika
    new KWPN stallion from @Martha-Carter
    and I like when sim have only one horse to ride, so I created our new rider - Enika Steensen :sweat_smile:
    (yes, I know that some of my riders have more than one horse, but these are exceptions XD)
    alt text

  • You've got some beautiful new additions! Jasmine makes some great Arabs ;)

    Recently a new horse came to our stable. The whole team thought it was Vivienne's horse, because she had been looking after him since he arrived. It was our surprise when a few days later her boyfriend Pankratz came to the stable and declared that Birkebei Blooddagger belonged to him.
    alt text

    Pankratz rarely rode with us in the stable. He was usually seen on one of Vivienne's horses (Birkebei Vianna, BHB Sirzechs) when she couldn't come to the stable and take care of them. He never said that he was ever planning to buy a horse for himself, so it was a huge surprise for us!
    alt text
    Birkebei Blooddagger is 6yo KWPN stallion

  • he's amaziiiiiing stallion <3

  • beautiful stallion! I love fleabitten greys especially with some larger spots :heart_eyes:

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