Jasmine’s Chaotic Blog | Quiran The Great | 08/10

  • @Samantha-Jadirea
    Thank you! :heart:
    Aw thank you! Yes! I really love the green colour on her! :heart_exclamation:
    Thank you so much! She is a very strong girl, and i think she loved being thrown into many different colours as much as i did :laughing: :heart:
    Thank you heaps! :heartbeat:
    Thank you! I love both my Elaine babies, but Echo does have a special spot in my heart :heart_decoration:

    RFE Irish Chrome, bought from @Lidija-Rotherford a long long time ago, hasnt been round my game for some time, a long time in fact as he has been missing since my computer swap :sweat_smile:
    But, i was super keen to get him in game and give him a whirl and i can for sure tell you he is a handful - but i wouldnt dream to change him. He has his own little quirks and aspects to him, and his soft face may fool you at first as he is a very big spunk (literally, he is a chunky boy), but he does what he is told most of the time and is already showing to be a fierce competitor :medal:
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Wow. I love fat boys :hugging: He looks very sweet and obedient.

  • Wow what a big handsome boy <3 That saddlepad is so cute on him :laughing: Can't wait to see Irish Chrome in the ring! (also, I adore how natural your photos look, they really look like photos that were taken during a ride!)

  • @Zatanna-Westerlund
    Thank you! He is a very sweet boy :heart:
    Aw thank you! I try my best with my photo taking, hence why there is more then one. I can never pick just one :laughing: :heart_decoration:

    Quiran S - Swedish Warmblood Mare (out of Aristede HX x Euphoria Von Falken)
    She has some big shoes to fill, but currently is doing herself proud and really getting into work :heart_exclamation:
    alt text

  • She is a lovely mare, Jasmine! I really like her shades and contrasting tones :two_hearts:

  • oh, she's gorgeous jasmine!

  • She is so beautiful! <3

  • Well hello there pretty <3 She looks amazing! She actually reminds me a bit of my Iller, just slightly lighter <3

  • She has such a nice coat, something is so nice about rich bay horses! She has a really nice front end movement too! (also, hows her name pronounced?)

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