Jasmine’s Chaotic Blog | Show Entries 2/5 + Extra | 03/12

  • Well hello there pretty <3 She looks amazing! She actually reminds me a bit of my Iller, just slightly lighter <3

  • She has such a nice coat, something is so nice about rich bay horses! She has a really nice front end movement too! (also, hows her name pronounced?)

  • @Fernanda-Luchetta
    Thank you all so much! Your words are so sweet! And her name is pronounced like "Ka-Raan" :heart:

    I really dont need more horses, but i have found myself in one of those points where boredom got the best of me and well. Here i am introducing a new horse :sweat_smile:
    I have always loved spotty horses, but never had the patience to make one as their markings are somehow tedious and using a fair amount of public markings never satisfied me making them either. Well today is one of those days i actually worked to achieve something (which i thought was going to be a big fail) which i now never want to let go :laughing:
    Introducing our newest member - Mongoose S (Knabstrupper Stallion), or as we like to call him Goose.
    Goose is one of those horses that is honestly just a big goofball. Other words to describe him as is a big ticking time bomb as you never know when he's going to throw in a buck or give you a nip on the arm because you got into his personal space. :expressionless:
    Goose is still in the process of being broken in - in saying that he has been under saddle for a couple days, so its a matter of time, patience and bravery to take on this chunky horse. This will be the first of many "Adventures of Goose" as we know this wont be an easy task. We do hope though that eventually he will become as successful as some of our other Warmbloods. :star:
    And without further or do, here is the man himself. Goose. :kissing_smiling_eyes:

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

  • Wow magnifcent Stallion :heart_eyes:

  • PR Committee

    Goose is possibly one of the most adorable names for a horse, I'm thoroughly admiring him for the name alone but he's so handsome! You did such a great job with the spotty marking, I just want to reach through my screen and snuggle that spotty muzzle :kissing_heart:

  • @Shagaia-Nedja-ri
    Thank you! :heart:
    Thank you so much! Im so happy i went through with it (despite the many times i wanted to give up :sweat_smile: ) as i myself love it just as much! :heart_decoration:

    Its been a while since ive entered either a challenge, randomized show or taken some good action pictures. So i decided to take some time to prepare a couple horses and enter a show over on ES :star2:
    Here with our first entry is Absolon CF, our beloved Akhal-Teke stallion, showing his moves out on the XC field :evergreen_tree:
    Stay tuned for the other 4 :eyes:
    alt text

  • Great angle! And what a lovely horse!

  • The photo taken with the unfocused vegetation on the front is a very good idea! Absolon seems very good in the competition ^^

  • @Jade-Nguyen
    Thank you both so much :heart:

    As promised, here is one of our other show entries, with our horse Abigale S - one of our foundation show jumping and dressage mares. She's a real show stopper, and does us very proud in the show ring :heart_exclamation:
    alt text

    I also got into a little mood and decided to have a go at an edit (which i havent done for months). Featuring Pss Leggo - based after my real horse - and myself out practicing some jumps :heart_decoration:
    alt text
    Before Can Be Seen Here

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