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  • First, welcome to my blog :)
    I would love to show you all of my horses but then i will be busy for a while haha,
    so i start with a few special ones and move on from there :)
    I will start with introducing you to one of the most special horses at my stable.
    alt text
    This is WVEC Celtic Rose II a baroque grade horse, she is 3/4 friesian and 1/4 appaloosa and is trained in
    dressage and halter.
    One day she will be available for breeding but not for now.
    But besides that, i also breed thoroughbreds, rheinlander horses and baroque pinto's :)
    So keep an eye open for more pics of my horses i would love to show to you.
    I have a foalcrop coming so maybe i will post some cute foal pics here :)

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