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  • I promise that I tried to edit the images. But, my first mane result displeased me, my hand began to hurt and I gave way. Also, the pen of my tablet does not work well and I do not have the cd to reinstall the drivers ... all tragic.

    I leave aside, for the moment, the photos of the stallions to tell you about my little excursion to a nearby horse market. As I know myself well, I chose the big van to go there (you never know how many horses you will return home).

    I made a photo of some horses that I did not buy ... but I decided not to upload them. ;)

    Altaïr does not like to accompany me to these places because he also knows me. But, him always ends with me. I don't understand him and I do not try to do it. I guess he wants to keep a close eye on the money he spends.


    Our main interest was the possibility of finding some Marismeño mares to add to our team. And as we expected; We found two mares.

    Grey mare (8 y.o.) Flaxen Chestnut Tobiano mare (3 y.o.)
    alt text alt text

    I looked at all the places. Some of the horses had already been sold ... but among the horses that remained, there was one that stood out above the others.

    alt text

    First time in my life I see a chimera with my own eyes! And obviously ... I was not going to leave without him.
    I asked Altair to guard the box while I searched among people for the person selling him. After ten minutes of searching, I found her: she was an 18-year-old girl. Carla (that's her name) told me that it was not the first time that she and her father went to the market to try to sell the chimera horse. Sadly there were not many interested in those rare genetics.

    She was quite excited when I told her that I was very, very interested in buying him. Happy, she placed the halter and took him to the little track so I could see her jumping skills. Something unnecessary (I was sure to buy the horse), but I did not know how to refuse.

    alt text alt text

    And he is only 3 years old! A jumping's promise that went right to our van, along with the two Marismeño mares.

    alt text alt text

    Here we would have finished our adventure at the local horse market ... if I had not heard Carla's screams. I suppose that is what the walls have to be thin in this type of events.

    When I approached the driveway, Carla was leaning against a cattle trailer, crying. Sweetly, I asked her what had happened there and she, between tears and sobs, told me that they could not go home with any of the horses they had brought to sell, and that her father had made the decision to accept the offer of anyone who was interested in them. Butchers included.

    I had never liked the horses ending up in the slaughterhouse. Over time, I did not like the idea that any animal ended his life there and I became vegetarian.

    And if I could avoid it, those horses would not end there.

    When I went back inside, there were only three horses left to sell. Exactly, Carla's horses.

    alt text

    —She's the chimera's mother. We call her Maddie, because she always seems mad — Carla said.

    The next two positions were occupied by one stallion (the possible chimera's father) and another mare.

    alt text alt text alt text

    Altair is somewhat upset with me. I have exceeded the limit he had calculated, but I think it was worth it.

  • It really was worth it Irene! Anything to save horses from slaughter <3

  • Lisandro Hit has arrived, @Luke-Alhmann !!

    The first thing the young stallion has done has been to investigate his little paddock ...
    alt text

    ...while his neighbors watched him. MM Celtic Charm (buckskin Anglo-Arabian) and YI Cantor del Impío (chestnut stallion) were strongly ignored.

    alt text alt text

    alt text

    As the weather is good, the horses are released in the meadows near the facility for newcomers. There are new sounds and smells that little by little attract his attention.

    Welcome home, Lisandro!! <3

    alt text

  • You know, I really like all your horses (and the huuuuge number of breeds you’ve got!!), but at this time... Lisandro is sooo cuute!!! Look at this facee!!!

  • Lisnadrooooooooooooo come on boy !! :) so so so amazing confo :) he 's so stuning !!! good luck boy in your new homes :)

  • We continue with the photos of the stallions. The latest photos!

    WHEC Smokey (Dutch Warmblood)
    alt text

    HCF Polka Dot Dream (British Warmblood)
    alt text

    WWRA John Henry (Belgian Warmblood)
    alt text

    QMR Vanderlyle (Breton)
    alt text

    SVEC Rockin' Buck (AQH)
    alt text

    PCRA Chocolate Chip (Dutch Warmblood)
    alt text

    WO Cutter Jazz (Appaloosa)
    alt text

  • alt text

    This is a bit random update. After spending our budget for end-of-season shopping (my excursion to the horse market ...), Altair and I had a long meeting, reviewing the careers of our oldest horses and carefully reading the evaluations of their riders, coaches and our veterinary team.

    And these are the first horses that will be retired from the competition in December.

    Show Jumping Team

    • PCRA Chocolate Chip (156 pts)
    • THEC Saratow (96 pts)
    • Seraf S (54 pts)

    Dressage Team

    • GHEC Vorreserro (101 pts)
    • Soberbia I de Urquijo (191 pts)
    • PCRA Mirabelle (83 pts)

    Flat Racing Team

    • HT On Cloud Nine (152 pts)
    • Path's Steadfast Conviction (54 pts) [Maybe he's re-trained in another discipline.]
    • HT The Wanderer (131 pts)

    Eventing Team

    • Radiance (60 pts)
    • CRE Quincy (119 pst)
    • FTCS High Top (94 pts)
    • SME God Willing (136 pts)

    Show Hunter Team

    • AKS Gaetana (82 pts)

    Hunter Paces Team

    • FTCS Kathy's Gotta Gun (23 pts + 32 pts in SJ)
    • WHEC Midnight Express (39 pts + 36 pts in SJ)
    • BF Long Life To The Queen (106 pts + 73 pts in Western Pleasure)
    • QMR Red Dawn (59 pts)

    Sorting & Penning Team

    • WO Cutter Jazz (332 points)

    TREC Team

    • SVEC Rockin' Buck (112 points)
    They will rest for a couple of months, doing soft exercises and by the beginning of next year they will move on to our passive breeding program: we obtain sperm samples from our stallions and extract some ovules from our mares that are frozen for the future (as if it were safe in case suffers complications incompatible with life).
    Steadfast Conviction is a special case, like Maestoso de Duarte. Both had no luck in their main disciplines, but their physical and psychological state allows us to retrain them in other disciplines.

    Others, such as Cutter Jazz, have left the competition to enter fully into our offer of stallions. Although this is compatible with the life of a retired horse ...

    alt text

    Those who enjoy, for a long time, the life of retirees are our two beautiful mules: Dogwood's Hardley Dun it (brown tobiano) & DogWood's Classic Candi (amber champagne).

    alt text alt text

    Both are 20 years old ... although they have the same energy as two young mares. Candi learned to open the paddock's door and it is not strange to find them walking through all the facilities. There is no danger because the outer door is harder to open and they can not leave (they have not tried it either). At bedtime, they return to their place and wait for dinner.

    For the photos I was lucky to find them in their paddock. Maybe they were still planning the day's adventures ...

    In the facilities for newcomers we have had some changes. As you can see, we have changed the fence (now the separations are metallic and not rope), and two horses were re located in the competitive facilities (MM Celtic Charm & YI Cantor del Impío).

    Since two of the newcomers are very young horses, it was not difficult for them to become friends. Yes, Lisandro and Highlander (Finally we say his official name, although internally we call him Mr. Chimera)

    alt text

    The mares also live together, waiting for the time of accommodation before going to the sports facilities.
    [Galáctica de Duarte (grey), Victoria de Duarte (flaxen chestnut tobiano), Miss Velvet de Duarte (bay spotted blanket) & Impressive de Duarte (chestnut tobiano)]
    alt text

    And Incitatus de Duarte (we have discovered, thanks to his papers, that he is a stallion Groningen).
    alt text

    And finally, one of my dear babies has returned home "for Christmas", to stay and compete with us: Zahir Chamartín (Thoroughbred stallion).

    alt text

  • After much thinking, I decided to take a break in my shopping level and add new breeds to my stable. In addition, taking advantage of the rest in the competitions, we have decided to reform some of our facilities and raise some new ones.

    This is the new installation for our racing ponies.
    alt text
    For the moment ... these are the inhabitants.

    GVH Atlacamani & GVH Atilla (Welsh Pony Sec. B ) Gotland couple (Palomino stallion & bay mare)
    alt text alt text

    And using the @Levi-Rosenthal template... instead of making a girlfriend for my shetland ... I made two. ^^

    Astoria de Duarte And black Shetland mare ^^
    alt text alt text alt text

    And we have refurbished the installation for the trotters and the horses of combined driving.

    alt text alt text alt text

  • Your horses and stables look beautiful!

  • Thanks for mentioning me, you have no idea how happy it makes me to see it used and you made some lovely shetland girlfriends for your boy. I also see you have some Gotland, they're adorable and the dapples on that bay are amazing !

  • Your horses and stables look beautiful!

    @Roxie-Rowan Thank you! <3

    Thanks for mentioning me, you have no idea how happy it makes me to see it used and you made some lovely shetland girlfriends for your boy. I also see you have some Gotland, they're adorable and the dapples on that bay are amazing !

    @Levi-Rosenthal, you have made a beautiful template, and now that some pony breeds have been admitted in Flat Racing ... it's time to increase their number over here. I hope to add some more ponies in the near future. ^^ I really liked your Pottok template, so... ;)

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