[Found] Andalusian colt

  • Hey guys!
    I'm looking for an Andalusian colt with dressage bonus to compete and breed with him as soon as he gets his first title. We can negotiate the payment (money,breeding, coats, etc.)

  • I have a chestnut PRE colt Cristallo HX whose registration is now pending, and I would appreciate if someone were to lease him for a while. Sadly, he doesn't get bonuses, I couldn't come up with a proper pedigree. However, if bonuses are what you're looking for, I could breed you one from my other Andalusians:

    ID Name Picture Dressage level Points Title Bonus (receives) Colour
    #17764 MBS Dorado alt text Intermediare II 141 State Champion +3 Palomino ee/aa/nCr
    #21702 MBS Detente Bala alt text Fourth level 91 Regional Champion +7 Smoky Black Ee/aa/nCr
    #22846 Nebuchadnezzar alt text Fourth level 69 Regional Champion +5 Chestnut ee/Aa
    #21154 WRNGS Lauquiniz V alt text Fourth level 52 Regional Champion +5 Grey (smoky black) Ee/aa/nCr/ Gg
    #24086 YR Excelso de la Rosa alt text Fourth level 49 Local Champion +1 Grey (black) Ee/aa/Gg
    #9799 Diamantes de la Reina alt text Prix St Georges 89 Regional Champion +2 (Eventing +1) Black Ee/aa/Gg

    The Diamantes de la Reina x MBS Detente Bala combination is NOT doable, since Reina is Bala's dam. Naturally this dam doesn't need to be used at all.

  • I have three dressage Andalusians that i can breed, two stallions and a mare.
    The two stallions are Comandante MAS and NRR Sombra del Diablo
    The mare is YI Altiva del Impio

    To see their stats, just check my Horse Lookup and select them in the dropdown menu. If you're interested in a breeding, please let me know :)

  • Thanks for answering :smile:
    @Riz-Artemidoros I would like to know if they have any bonus. I cannot see their stats :cry:

  • @Jessica-Owens
    You should be able to on the horse lookup. It will bring up their points.

    Diablo has 67 points, so has a plus 2
    Dante has 42 points, so has a plus 1

    Altiva has 21 points, so is currently just shy of a plus 1 bonus.

    They are still all actively competing

  • @Riz-Artemidoros thanks for answering, your horses are incredible but I already have the help of Isaiah Pace

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