[JUDGED] CK's 1st Hollywood Horse Challenge

  • CK's 1st Hollywood Horse Challenge

    The Overview

    The objective of the Hollywood Horse Challenge is to recreate to the best of your ability a fictional equine character from any movie, book, television show, video game, or other media, within The Sims 3. You will then provide these mandatory picture elements in your entry:

    • A full-body conformation photo
    • A recreation of a scene from the story they are from, featuring the equine character in question

    Up to three bonus elements can also be provided for extra credit. These elements may include:

    • A short story (300 words-ish) revolving around your entry
    • A second recreation of a scene
    • A picture of your equine character performing in a horse sport you think they’d excel at
    • A picture of your sim riding the equine character (and fangirling)
    • A headshot picture of your equine character
    • Candid pictures of your equine character

    There will be two classes: Edited and Unedited. There will also be a Judge’s Honorable Mentions, consisting of any and all entries that particularly caught my eye.

    You may also offer up your equine character for public download alongside your entry for the community to enjoy, but this is not mandatory.

    The Rules

    • Equine characters must be created for this challenge. You cannot use a pre-existing sim.
    • Each equine character must be created by the member who submitted them, but are welcome to use markings, templates or other resources created by other creators.
    • Entries must be submitted via the provided form AND posted on the thread. Failure to do both will result in disqualification.
    • Entries will be judged on fidelity to source material, aesthetic, creativity, and effort.
    • Members may enter a maximum of three (3) characters into this challenge. Each entry must be in a separate post.
    • Editing is allowed but not required. Edited photos may not be submitted into the unedited class.
    • Conformation photos may be taken in CAS.
    • You will have one month to complete the challenge.

    The Prizes

    • First place in each class will receive 60k
    • Second place in each class will receive 40k
    • Third place in each class will receive 20k
    • Judge’s Honorable Mentions (three from each class) will receive 10k
    • Each entrant will receive early access to a tack set by @Luke-Teth

    The Deadline

    The Challenge ends on the 22nd of October, 2018, at 11:59pm Mountain Standard Time

    alt text


    Entry Form

    Thread Entry:

    Entrant Name:
    Character Name:
    Name of Origin Media:
    Mandatory Picture Elements:
    Bonus Elements:


    • The prize money pot was donated by the wonderful @Nikki-Calvaria
    • The Early Access prize was donated by @Luke-Teth

  • Entrant Name: Luke Teth
    Character Name: Roach
    Name of Origin Media: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
    Class: Unedited

    "Witchers were made to kill monsters; but does that spare them the same title?"

    "The Conjunction of the Spheres is what truly brought them forth into the world. It birthed all manner of unnatural hell-spawn that sought nothing but murder. And magic, oh cursed magic, came with it. It tempted young women into it's clutches to form cabals of witches like that forsaken Lodge, who use it to remain forever young and wily as their spirit rots beneath their false appearances. It lured men to all manner of depravities in the search of power, those weak-willed cretins -- It was them who created the Witchers; wizards so desperate to hold on to what they in this life that they would corrupt the soul in search of it."

    "We pay for their mistakes by letting monsters dressed as men lure our children to castles far away, where they might run them ragged into the ground so that they may kill their own kind. Make no mistake, fair people of great Novigrad. The Witchers are no better than the beasts they were created to hunt, nor the mages they collude with, nor the Wild Hunt, who rides again across the night sky so that they too might take our families from us with steeds of snow and ice, blades sharp enough to cleave bone. Come, come. Huddle 'round the warmth of the Eternal Fire, for it will drive back even the blackness of a Witcher's morality, and the unholy might of the Hunt. They-- Witchers --cannot even love, did you know that? They feel no emotion, so that they might complete their contracts with no missteps. Sympathy for the devil, I say, cut right out of their hearts as children. Would you wish your son to be that? To be numb to his mother's love, his father's pride, unfeeling to his wife's touch? They cannot have children, either, Gods be good. Lest they take over the land."

    "The Butcher of Blaviken is the worst of them, they say. He slayed men in the streets of that village, you know, cut down eight precious souls just because he could. I've heard the whispers same as you. He's been seen in these lands, lurking like a spirit in search of sorceresses and ghosts and slaying any living creature in his path. Colluding with bloodied barons and speaking to evils even darker than him. Some even say he works on Nilfgaard's coin. Is this not more reason to fear both the Emperor and the Witchers, for even one as supposedly strong as Emperor Emhyr var Emreis, Deithwen Addan yn Carn aep Morvudd must lower himself to a Witcher's help. With those two in bed, only death shall be born of that union."

    Remember, Novigrad. Remain free. Do not bow to the Empire, do not balk to Redania even though you rest upon her land. Velen is wartorn but remain strong in your resolve. What other city on the Continent would dare threaten to burn their own ships if either side were to encroach? Ah, how I envy your strength. I assure you, this Free City will remain free under the purview of the Eternal Fire. Do not fear the night, for not even a Witcher dares lurk past these walls."

    — A sermon delivered by a Witch Hunter of the Eternal Flame in The Free City of Novigrad's city center, circa 1272.

    alt text

    alt text
    "What the-- Roach, get down from there!"
    Full-sized Image | Inspiration [Gwent Card]

    alt text alt text alt text
    *note: Whilst Roach in the early cinematic trailers is depicted as having a star, in all other Witcher 3 media including the game itself bay/chestnut Roach has a wide white blaze.

  • Entrant Name: Luke Teth
    Character Name: 'The Unicorn'
    Name of Origin Media: Blade Runner - Final Cut (1999)
    Class: Edited

    But at the end she mentioned a remote
    Landscape, a hazy orchard--and I quote:
    "Beyond that orchard through a kind of smoke
    I glimpsed a tall white fountain--and awoke."

    — Vladimir Nabokov, Pale Fire (1962)

    alt text

  • Entrant Name: Alexa la Coupe
    Character: The Last Unicorn
    Name of Origin Media: The Last Unicorn (1982)
    Class: Edited

    self loathing

    more self loathing

    "The unicorn lived in a lilac wood, and she lived all alone. She was very old, though she did not know it, and she was no longer the careless color of sea foam but rather the color of snow falling on a moonlit night. But her eyes were still clear and unwearied, and she still moved like a shadow on the sea."

    — Peter S. Beagle, The Last Unicorn


  • Entrant Name: Cristyne Westwood
    Character Name: Mister Ed
    Name of Origin Media: Mister Ed
    Class: Edited
    alt text
    From "Ed, The Beachcomber"

    alt text

    alt text
    alt text

  • Entrant Name: Ariadne Waters
    Character Name: Pilgrim
    Name of Origin Media: The Horse Whisperer, 1995 novel by Nicholas Evans (+ 1998 film directed by Robert Redford)
    Class: Edited just barely







    In the book, Pilgrim is described as "a four-year old Morgan, a gelding of a bay so dark that in some lights he looked black" whose "coat [glistened] in the sun like polished ebony"; in the film, he's chestnut- several slightly different shades of it, actually, because he's played by several different horses. Not all of whom are Morgans, as the books says.
    Which has made recreating Pilgrim faithfully a bit of a challenge.
    So, I've chosen to combine the two by making a chestnut Pilgrim, but with a Morgan's build.


    My first experience with 'The Horse Whisperer' was as a little girl. It was airing late at night and I- thinking horse movie!!!- sat down to watch.
    I made it to the accident scene, before running off to bed, the sound of the squealing horses and the image of Pilgrim's wild, frightened eyes as he struggled in the snow stuck in my head.
    I have never seen the entire film. And even now, that scene still gives me chills*. (I did, however, read the novel years later.)
    *(movie is rated PG-13, so I figure it's okay to link to this, but perhaps don't view if you're easily upset!)

  • Entrant Name: Richard Sterling
    Character Name: Silver
    Name of Origin Media: The Lone Ranger (2013)
    Class: Unedited

    "Hi-Yo, Silver! Away!"
    "Don't ever do that again."
    alt text

    Bonus Elements:

    alt text alt text alt text

  • Entrant Name: Diamond Hawthorne
    Character Name: Starlight
    Name of Origin Media: The Saddle Club (Books)
    Class: Unedited
    Mandatory Picture Elements:
    Main Image

    Bonus Elements:
    Scene 2
    Starlight at Mystic Oak


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