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    Hello Equus!

    We have decided to re-open the BC Genetics Lab with a significant face-lift! This is intended to help replace the loss of registrars individually processing horses at registration and offering critique, as well as to help anyone who is struggling with a genotype or coat color.

    When should I use the BC Genetics Lab?
    If you are having trouble understanding a horse's color, genotype, or are just unsure about the realism of a horse you've made, please feel free to submit it to the lab. We in the lab will offer advice and constructive criticism on any horse you submit!

    Does this affect registration?
    No- the Genetics Lab is completely separate from registration. This is just a tool to help you understand genetics and create more realistic horses! Horses must have a main site profile to be submitted to the lab, however.

    How long does it take?
    Each horse is processed individually by a staff member. Wait times ranging between a few hours and a few days are to be expected.

    Can I apply to be a Genetics Lab staff member?
    Absolutely! Any member who has a solid understanding of genetics, coats, and breed conformation and would like to join the BC team is welcome to contact me about joining the lab team.

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    Additional Equine Genetics Resources:
    Our Slack channel #color-genetics is great for live help with any genetics questions or curiosities you may have. There are always great people hanging out to help! If you haven't signed up for Slack yet, join us here!
    The Jennifer Hoffman Genetics Calculator is also a fabulous way to visualize how certain genes and patterns interact. It's not 100% accurate (contrary to popular belief, usually W genes aren't homozygous embryonic lethal!) but it is a very fun and well-made resource, and a great way to learn the basics.

    Feel free to post any questions you have about the Lab or your results in this thread!

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