[Ended] Oldenburg Mare

  • WPW Perfect Stranger

    Grey Oldenburg Mare | Ee aa Gg | Foundation

    If there ever was a horse that was the complete package, it would be this mare. Classic beauty, incredible talent, with an angelic personality to boot. Stranger would be the perfect horse for a timid rider who wants a horse to take care of them, but still be motivated to excel in the show ring. She has had all her basic training done both on the flat and over jumps, and she is ready to go in whatever direction her new owner wants. Do try to keep her in a pasture without an agressive alpha mare as she has a tendency to get picked on.

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    Starting Bid: $6,000

    Auction ends 24 hours after the last bid
    Bids must increase by a minimum of $1000

  • PR Committee

    is she registered and actively competing?

  • Yes, she is registered, but not shown before.

  • Sb! <3

    Is there an autobuy?

  • $7,000 <3

    She is gorgeous!

  • Congratulations @Fawn-Trinity on winning the auction! Contact me by PM :)

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