Australian Stock Horse Outcrosses

  • I noticed that the ASH outcross information was simplified somewhat for the purposes of Auto-Reg, and would like to propose some alterations to correctly limit the outcrosses available.

    Although the ASHA does register any outcross from an ASH, these are not all made equal in a similar way to other associations registering part bred horses (eg. part bred Arabs can still be registered by the AHA), and should not be considered as part of purebred ASH registration for the purposes of Equus. For the purposes of a stud book horse, the only acceptable outcross is a second cross horse (one non-ASH grandparent or breeding purposes registered Thoroughbred). Horses may also be registered as a studbook heritage stock horse if they have lineage dating back to pre-1960 - essentially descending from the same lines of station horses or approved breeds existing in Australia before 1945 (allowing for Walers to be registered). It also specifies a difference between approved breeds and modern breeds, with approved breeds allowing a larger percentage of blood (up to 25%) from breeds such as Arabian, Barb, Welsh Mountain Pony, Timor Pony, Cleveland Bay, Spanish Horses. Heritage Stock Horses must be limited to less than 1/16 of modern breeds (Warmblood, Quarter Horse, Paint, Appaloosa, Andalusian, Lipizzaner, Morgan, Friesian, Connemara and the like). Heritage ASHs may also include horses of 'Unknown Blood', descending from horses born in Australia of unknown breeding prior to the 1960s, which includes station horses and brumbies. Special consideration and subsequent registration as second cross horses has applied in modernity to a number of Quarter Horse stallions, but is still considered rare.

    TL;DR, for the purposes of auto-reg:
    Stud book horses are horses considered to be descended primarily from station horses and approved breeds dating back to pre-1960s. Some exceptions may be made for breeding stock (Thoroughbreds) or special consideration horses (AQHs).

    • If possible, ASH registration should require at least one ASH registered parent.
    • :white_check_mark: Walers of all types should be acceptable outcrosses as they would be registerable as stud book horses
    • :white_check_mark: Thoroughbreds should be an acceptable outcross based on the breeding purposes clause
    • :white_check_mark: Brumbies should be an acceptable outcross as some (but not all) would fall under the Unknown Breeding clause and it would be impossible to differentiate for the purposes of Equus
    • :white_check_mark: To better reflect the outliers in modern registration, Quarter Horses should be an acceptable outcross.
    • :question: Arabians, Barbs, Welsh Mountain Pony, Timor Pony, Cleveland Bay and Spanish Horses (PREs and Lusitanos) may be considered acceptable outcrosses, under the approved breeds clause. (The current system doesn't really automate grade tracking well enough to suggest Grade (Stock) as a technically more accurate outcross for these breeds, simply allowing them is easier and requires less oversight).

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    ASH Stud Book Registration
    ASH Breeding Purposes Registration
    ASH Heritage Stock Horse Registration

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    Edited their outcross list to all breeds that you listed + Appendix Quarter Horses and Anglo-Arabians, for simplicity of blood percentages. Also listed Australian Stock Horse as a mandatory parent. Thank you for your research!

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