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    VLT Kalletto or "Baby" is a wonderful hunter with a been there done that attitude. He is perfect for an amateur or junior rider. He has successfully take Connor up the levels and Baby currently competes in High Performance (8) and has the talent to make it to Derbies. Connor has chosen to focus on the jumpers and dressage horses, and everyone at Volte will surely miss this handsome and sweet guy.

    Please do not reuse his coat/conformation/markings
    Please do not change his coat color/markings but feel free to adjust shine markings to your liking
    Please add an emoji to your bid so I know you read the rules
    You are allowed to change mane and tail styles
    He comes with 3 straws to use as you’d like
    Please do not remove my "VLT" prefix

    Mane Site
    CAS Photo

    Starting Bid: $5,000
    Min. bid increase: $1,000
    Auction goes until Wednesday Oct. 3rd, then turns into 24hrs/ALB

  • screeeech.

    SB!! 😍

  • Just a reminder this ends today if there are no more bids!

  • $6,000 😊

  • 7,000k! :D

  • Ended! I will send you a message! @Siri-Kane

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