racking horses and iceys

  • So both in RHBAA (the racking registry we use) and SHOBA (i don't think we use it), there is a registered half icelandic half saddlebred horse named ICEMAN. Btw on both sites, there aren't even mentioned breeds that are allowed to be crossed into. There is just a mention that parents need to be RHBAA registered or rack. On equus we allow all breeds that can do speed racking with exeptions of iceys into racking horses.

    Boring stuff from documents. x

    Horses meeting the performance qualifications must be personally inspected and approved by a qualified commissioner designated by the RHBAA to determine that the horse performs the“rack” as defined in the Bylaws.

    Well, we can't do that on equus, so on MBL breeds that can rack can be crossed into racking horse.

    He is registered in both. Champion and winner and that stuff. I couldn't find his pedigree, nor numbers but on shoba site he is advertised as stallion with two registries mentioned.
    There is also a plenty of competition footage (and you need to be registered to enter most of that stuff)

    photo footage
    alt text
    thats him

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    Can you please clearly state what you're trying to achieve?

  • @Elsie-Spectre could we add iceys to racking horse outcrosses or not really

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    I don't get an opinion, I just wanted to know exactly what your were asking for :p

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    I'd like to see more information about this horse (pedigree or registration information) or other examples of Icelandic crosses being registered with the RHBAA

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