[Wanted] Show Jumping Arabian Stallions

  • PR Committee

    In an effort to balance out my gender ratios in Show Jumping, I'm seeing SEA stallion(s) to purchase to help even out my current SJ string.

    Ideally, I'm looking for:

    • A foundation SEA stallion who has eared at least 50 points in show jumping
    • A second gen or higher SEA stallion whose parents have completed their show jumping titles, or are still active

    I'm not fussed about the age or colour of these horses, though they must be SEA. I'm happy to update horses that need it. I'm willing to buy more than one if your horse meets the above specifications. While I would very much prefer to purchase a stallion out of this I may also consider breedings from stallions that also meet these requirements.

    I'm offering any combination of (yes I'm desperate):

    • $$$ (sky's the limit)
    • Custom coats and markings
    • Breedings (all horses on the table)
    • Imports
    • Trades

    If you have a horse that meets these requirements, you can comment below, or DM me here or on slack.

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