Woodside park Downsize sales // Stockies! // 3 AVAILABLE

  • Wooodside Park Stockie Sales!


    Do not list the coat, template, marking or horse up for public download.
    Shade & Shine tweaking is allowed however coat is not.
    You may change mane & tail style but not colour.
    Stallions may be gelded.
    You may breed but no over breeding.
    If you want to sell please notify be first in case i would like to purchase back.
    I must receive the first update within 2 weeks so i know you got the horse in alright. After that at least once every 2 months is fine.
    Please tag me in the updates.
    If you do breed, if you sell the offspring please let me know as i might buy it :)
    All horses do not have a set price. You are to make a reasonable offer. Not reasonable offers will be ignored.
    -if you disobey these rules the horse comes back to me and you are no longer allowed to purchse a horse or breeding, import from me.

    Keep in mind if the horses "disappear" miraculously they WILL be taken back. I will need to see at least one update within the first 2 weeks of me sending you the horse to know that you got the horse into game nicely and have all cc. After that more updates the better as i do enjoy seeing horses i have bred out & about but i have no set amount of updates you need to have per month etc...

    How to apply
    Simply Pm me the horse you want, if you are able to be active or not. I will give you a little stalk ;)

    Horses available:

  • WSP Passing Through
    14.3h 7yo AQH mare, chestnut.
    0 points, custom markings, unregistered.
    offers above 11k

    WSP Goldenz N Time
    15h 5yo APH Gelding, palomino tobiano.
    0 points, custom markings, unregistered
    offers above 13k

    WSP Smokin' Choc Kisses
    15.1h, 4yo APH Gelding, buckskin tobiano.
    0 points, custom markings, unregistered.
    offers above 13k

    More pictures for the horses upon request.

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