[Open] Havelland Breeding

  • Havelland Breeding

    This is both open for BIY and traditional breeding. There are no price differences, as I really enjoy creating the horses ♥


    1. For traditional breeding the horse has to carry our prefix (HRST for Trakehners, Havel's for any other Warmblood) and my creator ID #5056. For BIY you have to use your own prefix and creator ID of course.
    2. Else you shouldn't do major changes to coat or conformation, but little tweaks are fine, especially with shine and detail, so the horse fits your likings.
    3. For BIY I will not send out files, but I will provide you with many pictures if you like.
    4. Active homes are a must.
    5. If you want to sell the horse, contact us first to see if we want the horse back.

    All horses on this sheet are active and compete regurlarly, if not stated otherwise. Those are the only horses at the moment up for public breeding. I will, however, maybe add more in the future.

    Havelland Breeding Sheet
    If you are interested in a breeding please pm me!

  • All horses updated and open for spring 2019!

  • All horses updated and open for summer 2019!

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