SBS Horses For Lease || Plenty to lease out!

  • Im looking for leasers!

    *This will only be mainsite profile leases. No .sim files included.

    If you wish for the .sim file please DM me over slack or on the forum and we can discuss further*

    Most if not all (ones registered that is) my horses i own will be put up for lease.
    Im having a little difficulty regarding family/friend issues, and it also doesn't help that school and work are in the mix, as well as twice a week netball training which is now a thing for me.
    So therefore i am posting this to see who can free up a few spots in their stable to hold one or maybe even two of my horses.

    All my horses are quite active, and since i haven't been on Equus lately, i don't want them going inactive whilst i try to organise myself with RL.
    I will of course be around when it comes to hosting shows and filling other duties, but other then that i wont be very active on the forum.
    If you think you can with hold a few of my horses, please DM or PM me!

    I don't really have anything set out related to rewards, but some of my horses will also be for sale during the next while and if you wish (and they're one of the ones I'm selling) we can organise a lease to sell as a reward. Rewards may also include free breeding/imports/markings.

    This is very hard for me to do (i know it sounds weird aha) but RL is being a pain right now, and i haven't had the motivation nor the time to actually open my game. I will be around on slack, but not much at all on here.

    I will have a google doc link set out below as well as a link to my show sheets (mine aren't a secret) so people may view horses current levels/points.

    If you think you can free up a stall or two for a horse from me, please do not hesitate to message me.

    Most of my competing horses are listed on my show sheets. If there is a horse on the mainsite that cannot be found in my show sheets, it will be added soon.

    The Form I Will Fill Out As People Begin To Lease. People can also view this to see what horses are still available. It will also be listed on my show sheets if the horse is being leased or not.

    My Show Sheets. Pretty self explanatory.

    Sorry to do this, and i feel so bad to as you could say, leave Equus for a short time. I will be back, it just may take a bit to get everything together. Thank you all for the kind messages over Slack :heart:

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