✽ Stall Lindens ✽ - 10/15 SJ training

  • PR Committee

    Your getting so fast with these updates, I can't keep up :joy: Mira is such a lovely shade of bay, and her head looks so sweet, especially all wrapped up in that fleecy halter too. And completely off topic, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time admiring all the pretty flowers behind her :kissing_heart: Lackadaisy is such a cute name, and it really suits her; what a pretty shade of grey :heart_eyes:

  • Thank you, everyone! <3 I'm currently in a grey-mood so I'm slowly increasing my herd of grey beauties ^^

  • New boy in town

    What do you do when the forum is down ? Yep creating horses :see_no_evil: Let me introduce to you, our pretty seal brown stallion Illuminati L or Iller for short <3 He's a special boy, he's sired by RFE Incendio and out of VPE Adelphi. Hopefully our new dressage star <3

    alt text

  • Illuminati L oh he is amaziiiiing <3

  • now look at this stunning Seal Bay boy!
    I wish your team and Iller so much luck for Dressage :heart:
    He's a really nice addition :3

  • I love your album! You have SUCH lovely facilities and your horses are to die for! <3 How in the world do you manage to do thse coats?!

    Also ... Desperados!! Wauw!!

    • can I ask where you got that double bridle, or is it edited from the rolled bridle? (:

  • Wow, I have totally forgotten to reply to your comments <3

    @Ian-Salvatore Thank you! We're very proud of him :slight_smile:

    @Ronan-Dhall Thank you, dear <3 We can't wait to see what he will achieve in the future <3

    @Julie-Lindgren Thank you :slight_smile: Lots and lots of practice and lots of custom markings lol ^^ The double bridle hasn't been released yet but I got the opportunity to test it for the creator <3

  • Wow! I need this! :O

  • PR Committee

    A very handsome new horse! He certainly has a regal presence about him! I love the tan points on his coat. The contrast is perfect! Wishing all the best luck to him!

  • Your horses have always been some of my favorites!! Add him to the list cause he's one stunning guy!!! We want more!!

  • he looks amazing ❤

  • you can be, it looks so much like my irl horse <3

  • With Incendio as his sire he is destined to succeed :D He looks perfect!

  • PR Committee

    What a stunner; and I love the beautiful background with the big curving paths and pretty greenery but it doesn't take the attention away from your gorgeous new boy :heart:

  • Thank you, everyone, for the nice comments about Iller! <3 He has become one of the favourites here at Stall Lindens and who can blame the staff ? ^^ He's doing great so far, he will soon compete for the first time :ok_hand:

  • Kronborg's Verdi

    Verdi is another of our newest additions here, we were lucky enough to get him from the lovely @Ronan-Dhall <3 (thank you, dear!). He's a grandson to Vagabond L, who's happily living with Ronan since a while back. Verdi has just started his training but our hopes is that he will succeed in dressage and eventing :pray:

    alt text

  • WOW Your editing is so amazing Therese!! Can you teach me?!?!? I'm IN LOVE :heart_eyes:

    EDIT: I just wanted to say he is one stunning boy!! More pics!!

  • Wow what a beautiful horse. :hugging: Look at that thick tail, wow! I love the gold accents in the tack. Also, seeing those beautiful trees surrounding your facility, I have a feeling the pictures in autumn are going to be incredible. :heart:

  • beautiful horse :)

  • Wow that editing tho the lighting is so realistic! And the horse is so pretty <3

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