✽ Stall Lindens ✽ - 10/15 SJ training

  • you can be, it looks so much like my irl horse <3

  • With Incendio as his sire he is destined to succeed :D He looks perfect!

  • PR Committee

    What a stunner; and I love the beautiful background with the big curving paths and pretty greenery but it doesn't take the attention away from your gorgeous new boy :heart:

  • Thank you, everyone, for the nice comments about Iller! <3 He has become one of the favourites here at Stall Lindens and who can blame the staff ? ^^ He's doing great so far, he will soon compete for the first time :ok_hand:

  • Kronborg's Verdi

    Verdi is another of our newest additions here, we were lucky enough to get him from the lovely @Ronan-Dhall <3 (thank you, dear!). He's a grandson to Vagabond L, who's happily living with Ronan since a while back. Verdi has just started his training but our hopes is that he will succeed in dressage and eventing :pray:

    alt text

  • WOW Your editing is so amazing Therese!! Can you teach me?!?!? I'm IN LOVE :heart_eyes:

    EDIT: I just wanted to say he is one stunning boy!! More pics!!

  • Wow what a beautiful horse. :hugging: Look at that thick tail, wow! I love the gold accents in the tack. Also, seeing those beautiful trees surrounding your facility, I have a feeling the pictures in autumn are going to be incredible. :heart:

  • beautiful horse :)

  • Wow that editing tho the lighting is so realistic! And the horse is so pretty <3

  • He's such a pretty boy ❤❤

  • I am SO jealous. (Of the horse and ur editing skills . aaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh)
    Everything looks so clean and in total harmony. <3

  • Yes, I just have to agree with I think everyone?! The editing so so pretty :heart: Verdi is super stunning, I love, love, LOVE his markings :heart_eyes:

  • Oh wow, that's one flashy horse along with some great editing skills. I love that photo! :two_hearts:

  • A TOBI! And what an awesome one :heart_eyes: Love your editing as always :blush: I'll bet he'll do well :D

  • Oh my dear! I'm so lucky that he's now with you even with the fact that it was really hard to let him go :laughing:
    He looks super good with you and I'm happy that you're having now your own little piece of Vagabond L and I'm pretty sure that he'll have a great and successful time with you :heart:
    Can't wait to finally see his half-siblings which are still in their mommy's belly

    btw your editing is awesome! :drooling_face:

  • PR Committee

    What a handsome guy! I adore those markings and that coat color, but I cannot stop looking at that tail! It's so beautiful! I'm also a sucker for those bicolor tails. Good luck with him! Don't look at me if he's missing from your stable. What breed is he?

  • Thank you, everyone, for all the nice comments! It means a lot <3 :hugging: All credit for his markings goes to Ronan who made it :kissing_heart:

    @Elaine-Rose You don't need to be teached how to edit, your editing is superb already! <3

    @Ronan-Dhall I can't wait to see them either, you need to post lots and lots of pics of them :heart_eyes:

    @Danielle-Maddox I love bicolor tails too but oh the struggle to edit them lol xD Verdi is a Swedish warmblood :blush:

  • Cosmopolitan L

    Some of you might remember the foal crop that we had earlier this summer? Well, they've grown up now :heart_eyes: Linn took out Cosmopolitan "Pelle" so he could stretch his legs out in the field (hence the SJ saddle) <3 This shot was taken right before they galloped away.

    alt text

  • Love the colour of his attire :D and it matches with her jacket...how perfect :D And of course the horse in general is so beautiful! He really grew up to be a pretty boy :D Love his snip :heart_eyes: And nothing speaks against a nice little field run :D Hope they enjoyed themselves :blush:

  • a very mysterious atmosphere in this field with the mist is very pretty I like a lot and then the duo seems to get along, I love the expression of the horse. very good editions, but what is this horse avue there is the whole question ah ha.

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