✽ Stall Lindens ✽ - 11/05 Misty mornings...

  • Loooove Tippa. she is a big caractere, <3

  • Cephale is sooo pretty :heart_eyes: As well as Tippa :blush: Luckily none of them got hurt there - that's calming! Let's hope it stays like that :o

  • Such a cute little photo of the mares ❤️

  • PR Committee

    It's always fun to catch your horses having some fun rough housing in the pasture. It always impresses me when these over-sized lazy cats find some energy to kick up their heels and romp around. It's always the mares initiating it too it seems! Both of these ladies are having so much fun here! I adore that roan!

  • What a stunning picture! I love the roan!

  • So pretty! Your editing is absolutely stunning! I'm so in love with that chestnut :heart_eyes:

  • Oh mares.. They all have such big ego :joy:

  • I love mares <3 I know they can be bossy and sassy sometimes, but in a mare you will find a real friend!
    and those two chestnut ladies are so lovely looking :D

  • I can't believe i haven't commented on this blog yet ;-;
    Shame on me!

    First of all, i just want to say how beautiful your edits are @Therese-Lind, like wow... :heart_eyes:
    The atmosphere in you pictures legit makes me so happy and for some reason, I get very comfortable looking at them, the mist, the sky and everything else- <3

    Oh and Cephale… she is a real stunner, like howwww can something this cute even be allowed to exist?! xD I wish I had those horse creating skills - and Pelle, what do i even have to say about him? He looks like a really calm dude. Such a dream :heart_eyes:
    I could really be going on about your horses for a while more, but that'd just be boring to read after a while haha!

    I guess I'm done ranting about how much I love your editing style etc, but i hope you get my point - this is amazing <3 Keep up the good work!

  • PR Committee

    I'm so happy you have motivation to keep taking such beautiful pictures and sharing all your gorgeous pixels with us; I would quite happily steal those two playful mares, there's just something extra special about roans :ok_hand: :heart_eyes_cat:

  • Thank you, everyone, for all the lovely comments! <3 :kissing_heart:

  • Our youngsters are growing up too fast :sob: It feels like it was yesterday they were tiny foals playing around in the field with their moms and now they're beginning their training <3 Time flies! Today it was time for Engla to do some training and so far she's doing great, she's such a clever girl and learns very quickly what she's supposed to do <3

    alt text

  • She's beautiful!

  • Wow she has a big build that suits her really well :)

  • She's so preatty :heart:

  • Ach you are such a god when it comes to draught horses :sob: She has such a full build and looks so soft, my heart <3 I'm so in love! And that foggy atmosphere is to DIE for

  • Indeed, time flies too fast. But a big, graceful horse grows out of a small frisky foal - and this is amazing))

  • What a great picture of a stunning young mare!
    The background is amazing as well. i love the foggy, autumnally atmosphere.
    Your pictures, editing and horses never fail to impress me <3

  • What a stunning horse! :heart_exclamation:

  • I can't really handle that photo - it's just adorable! Gives me such a cozy feeling :two_hearts:

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