✽ Stall Lindens ✽ - 11/05 Misty mornings...

  • Amazing work ! Happy Halloween !

  • Thank you, everyone! <3 I hope everyone had a nice halloween :jack_o_lantern:

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    It was an early morning and the mist was slowly rising from the ground as Erika was leading Iller through the stable doors and towards the mounting block, she checked the girth and then put her foot in the stirrup and pulled herself up in the saddle. She hated these cold and early mornings but her love for the horses made it worth it and she knew that as soon as they would start walking she would forget about the cold and fall into the rhythm of the horse’s movements. She leaned forward and gave Iller a pat on his shoulder before she straightened up and they headed towards the indoor arena for a training session.

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    Illuminati L and his rider Erika Lundin

  • That coat :heart_eyes_cat: Really he is too handsome, he looks like a powerful and friendly horse, I think I like he too much :heart: (Maybe I have to go steal a couple of horses from your stable one night haha)

  • I looove your pictues! They are so soft and nice and the descriptions always take me straight ahead to your world :two_hearts:

  • Illuminati L juste amaziiinnnng

  • What a stunning picture! : -)

  • That halloween picture is amazing! I love how fluffy the wings are. 😍
    And look at Iller! He's such a stunning boy. Purple + seal bays is just 🤤🤤🤤 My seal bays usually wear some sort of purple too xD
    I love the atmosphere of the picture and i can't relate with Erika. I love misty, cold mornings 😂

  • @Borja-Domecq Thank you! <3 He's very friendly, despite the fact that he's a stallion ^^ He's easy to have around mares and he wouldn't harm a fly even, he's like a big cuddly bear :kissing_heart: Lol, well I know where to look if any goes missing haha.

    @Martha-Carter Thank you, Martha! <3 I try and write a little something to most of the pictures if I'm in the mood ^^

    @Ian-Salvatore Thank you! I have to agree on that ;)

    @Jade-Nguyen Thank you, Jade!

    @Maria-Jones Thanks, dear! <3 It was a fun picture to make even if it's simple (at least compared to yours lol) ^^ Iller sends some kisses for the compliment <3 I agree! but it has to be the right purple, otherwise it hurts my eyes :see_no_evil: Iller would probably look good in any colors but dark purple is definitely his color :heart_eyes: I do too, and preferably with some frost on the ground as well :ok_hand:

  • PR Committee

    I love this misty morning and just look how handsome Illuminati is; you make such amazing dark bays, honestly I could quite happily kidnap them :two_hearts:

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