✽ Stall Lindens ✽ - 5/01 Foals pt. 5

  • Xantippa omg!!!!!!!!!!!

    they're both gorgeous :>

  • This post is deleted!

  • They are all wonderful :blush:

    I am also waiting for two of my foals. :nerd:

  • Yes the warmbloods are all very cute but I will literally trade my soul right now for Engla omg. You need to set up a newsletter for her directly to my inbox :laughing: she's so, so cute.

  • Seeing so many cute baby pons makes me miss having foals around :sob: :heart:

  • @Siri-Kane She's a cutie indeed ^_^ Thank you! <3
    @Jessica-Rose Thank you! :slight_smile: Having foals is the greatest thing ever <3 Best of luck with your little ones!
    @Eowyn-Vance Lol I'll keep that in mind xD She's a cutie though, I agree on that <3
    @Judith-Montgomery I know the feeling <3 That's why we decided to have some foals this year, it's been too long since last time <3

  • Marquis! omg beautiful, and so are your remakes. It's a lovely feeling overhauling old faces!
    Your new foals are also gorgeous, I especially love the photo of Xantippa <3

  • They are all so cute <3 Engla L has stole my heart :D

  • PR Committee

    So many more adorable foals :hugging: I'm just going to pretend I know who Devonian is, but regardless it's nice to see his name pop up in a pedigree :joy: but just so you know, Xantippa is far too pretty; that soft gorgeous coat and fluffy tail...give her lots of snuggles and carrots from me :heart_eyes:

  • I love allll your horses they are so amazing! <3 <3 your editing is fabulous to!!!

  • You have SUCH beautiful drafts and cute foals! <3

  • @Alex-Richards Thank you, Alex! <3 It was really fun to remake the old ones especially since we have so many great sliders now compared to when they first were created. They look 100 times better now than what they used to ^^ Tippa is a sweetie <3 so sassy and she knows that she's beautiful ^^

    @Jill-Hendricks Thank you! <3 Engla is one of my favorites <3 She has stolen many hearts already ^^

    @Callixta-Rosella Lol xD I can't say that I remember all the horses I've made during the years either so don't feel bad about it :kissing_heart: Tippa says thank you and I'll definitely give her some carrots from you ^^

    @Kira-Kita Aww thank you <3 I'm glad to hear that :)

    @Therese-Evans Thank you! <3 it warms my heart to hear that, my drafts are very close to my heart and I'm glad that others enjoy them too :)

  • next up is a baby bean by chance??

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