✽ Stall Lindens ✽ - 7/12 Lackadaisy WE

  • @Michelle-Frohman Thank you, Michelle! <3 He's a favorite of mine as well, it's just something special about him <3 It's not really a secret lol xD I just make them really really dark and add some slightly lighter shading and then shine, that's it ^^ No stealing please! <3

    @Ian-Salvatore Thank you, Ian :slight_smile: I didn't like the tail at first but it's growing on me ^^

    @Ronan-Dhall Way too easy xD Thank you, dear <3 I really like that he only has a minimal facial marking <3 He's a stunner and he knows it ^^ and gold suits him so well, I use gold on him often bc of that ^^

    @Kára-Evans Thank you, Kára! We really like the arena as well and the horses too ^^ They don't get so distracted by all the fuzz in the background anymore which is a huge plus :)

  • You make me wanna try new techniques of editing but at the same time i dont know how. :rofl:
    Your blog seems to have the same whole vibe and this is frickin amaaaazing. I love it when people have their own style and its easy to remember because it is SO GOOD and WELL DONE.

  • New addition!

    Like we didn't have enough horses already cough but who can resist a pretty horse ? No but seriously, we had so many horses related to each other already so we needed some new bloodlines added. We made some calls to our contacts around the world and got some great news after a couple of days! They had found some great horses that could be a nice addition to our team, we got several offers and well we couldn't turn down any of them so we ended up with several new horses. Some hasn't arrived yet but at least one have <3

    Let me introduce, Foxen Marella or Mira as we call her. She has travelled all the way from Germany. She's a Swedish warmblood, very feminine and a bit nervous but still easy to handle. Such a sweet and pretty mare <3 Thank you, @Emilia-Fox for this lovely mare :slight_smile:

    alt text

  • Stunning horse. Love the lighting in this edit, the soft shadow and the light. Has a lovely warm feel to it.

  • Absolutely one of my favorite blogs here! I love your work & your horses!

  • Aww there she is! She looks good, seems like she has weathered the journey well. I hope she will settle in v quick! <3

  • Mira is absolety amazing so cute :)

  • She is such a beauty! Emilia really makes some gorgeous horses :D lots of luck with her ;)

  • Absolutely gorgeous mare! <3

  • @Ivan-Kanerva Aww, thank you! <3 I do tend to edit my pictures the same way :see_no_evil: but it's the style I'm most comfortable with and I'm glad that others like it too ^^

    @Neeve-Kalford Thank you :slight_smile:

    @Chloe-West Aww that's so sweet, thank you! <3 It warms my heart to hear that ^^

    @Emilia-Fox I'm sure she will ^^ She will spend lots of time out in the pastures now, to begin with before we start her training ^^

    @Ian-Salvatore Thank you! ^^

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld She really is! Such a sweet mare <3 Thank you so much! ^^

    @Aislinn-Moore Thank you! :slight_smile:

  • Lackadaisy WE

    Another newcomer has arrived! The truck pulled up to the stables an early morning a couple of days ago and out stumbled a grey sweet mare, Lackadaisy WE (Leeds W x Tanns Schneebeere). She's still very young so she's spending her days out in the pastures, playing around with her favorite toy. She's not the prettiest mare, confo wise, that we've seen but her temperament makes up for it a 1000 times! Daisy just have the sweetest soul you could imagine and she will be a great asset to our team and with the right stallion in the future, she will for sure be able to produce some really nice babies <3 We're excited to see what the future will behold for this young lady :kissing_heart: Thank you @Eowyn-Vance for Daisy!

    alt text

  • Lackadaisy WE
    is really a very beautiful mare :)
    I'm not a fan of grays, but this one is so sweet, offered him carrots from me. <3

  • Lackadaisy is such a sweet looking mare <3 there's no harm in more greys running around, good luck to her!

  • I love your world and your horses are sublime !!!!!!!!!!!! I do not get tired of watching

    I can not choose to darling XD

  • Daisy is just gorgeous! I loooove her dapples and her shade of grey is stunning :heart:

  • She looks so content with her little jolly ball!

  • What a beautiful mare :D <3 Love her shade of grey :slight_smile:

  • oh man, Daisy is Stunning, such a Pretty shade, Soomeone looks like a Super mare.

  • PR Committee

    Your getting so fast with these updates, I can't keep up :joy: Mira is such a lovely shade of bay, and her head looks so sweet, especially all wrapped up in that fleecy halter too. And completely off topic, I'm thoroughly enjoying my time admiring all the pretty flowers behind her :kissing_heart: Lackadaisy is such a cute name, and it really suits her; what a pretty shade of grey :heart_eyes:

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