Winnings help

  • So I'm curious to see if there is anyway to find all the winnings a horse has earned while showing. I'm doing some work with my spreadsheet and most of my horses show what they've earned in winnings.
    (Does this make sense? Sorry if it doesn't I'm hungry)

  • PR Committee

    The only way that I know of is to calculate winnings manually from all the shows you've entered. If anyone has found a way to do it automatically I would love to see!

  • @Danielle-Maddox
    sigh well I guess I have to track down all the shows since nearly the start of this forum.

  • Administrators

    There's no way to automatically do it, no. The problem is that we archive the leaderboards yearly, so a horse's individual places are merged into a flat number of how many points they earned. So there's no way for the sheets to calculate how much they've won. You could probably come up with a rough ballpark number by calculating the average payout per point for your horse's average level, but if you're looking for an exact number, yes, you will have to track them down the manual way.

  • I track mine down manually as well

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