[Wanted] Show World Creator

  • PR Committee

    Hello there builders! I've seen some really amazing world creations from the community lately so figured I'd put out the feelers for something I've been wanting for a while - a custom world to use for show pictures. My main stables are set in the desert and don't tend to lend themselves well to the more generic (greener) show setting that can be used multiple times, and I'm completely hopeless at building arenas so here we are.

    My Idea:

    • A freeform, small-medium world of miscellaneously green and scenic origin (basically up to you)
    • A show aesthetic suited to multiple disciplines / levels including dressage, show jumping, eventing, ridden showing and misc. under saddle disciplines


    • A large grass arena suited to things like ridden showing, halter classes, misc disciplines with some stands
    • A large sandy arena suited to dressage with some stands
    • A large sandy arena suited to show jumping (with a course) with some stands (could be able to be switched with the previous dressage arena?)
    • A grassy show jumping course
    • A grassy dressage arena
    • 3-5ish eventing lots with 1-2 jumps set up on them scattered around
    • Misc lots with decoration with trailers and the like

    Really the main things I'm looking for are some different areas to create some varied show pictures, as well as some basic decor backdrops to add to the show feel. The layout / any other creative ideas you might have are very freeform here.

    What I'm offering

    • $$$ (obviously)
    • Custom markings and coats
    • Imports
    • Breedings
    • Custom poses (horse and rider)

    Any combination of the above I'm happy to offer in exchange for your work - virtually no budget for this project. If you're interested, please contact me here on the forum or on slack to discuss things further!

  • Breed Committee

    Do you have a list of CC that you'd like used?

  • PR Committee

    @Lythaera-Bohm Not especially, but I'd need the creator to kind of keep track of what they were using so I can download it if needed.

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