[FOUND] Western Pleasure + Reining mare for breeding!

  • Hey guys,

    so I have my stud RL/RFE Evertere Solis and he is soon retiring from sport due to maximizing points. I am looking for a mare to breed him to in order to get a new generation to compete ^^

    alt text

    The mare MUST be 100+ pts in each discipline (and still showing in order to reach 200) and must be AT LEAST 3rd generation out of linked parents on the main site.

    I am offering money or a breeding to a stallion of mine of your choosing, whichever you'd prefer.
    Mid-five figure budget reserved for the perfect mare.

    I also make all my foals from files so would be prefer if you'd be open to send the mare's file over for breeding. Foal will most likely get a commissioned custom marking for it.

    Potentially willing to take two mares, one western pleasure and one reiner to produce two foals each in it's own discipline, so you are free to suggest equally high quality mares that show only in WP or only in reining :heart:

    alt text

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • Little bump :)

  • A couple...
    BKR Count Your Guns 8933 Working Cow Horse 147 Reining 191

    CSR Pocos Lazy Susan 23724 Reining 122 Roping 18

  • One perfect mare has been found, thanks everyone for the offers!

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