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    logo by Skye Valens

    Purpose and Goals

    The Polish Arabian Breeders Club is a club for Breeders, Owners and Fans of Polish and Polish Bred Purebred and Partbred Arabians. Our goal is to promote the beauty and versatility of the Polish Arabian Horse.

    About the Polish Arabian

    The history and development of the Polish Arabian is inextricably involved with war. Without natural boundaries, Poland has for centuries been the prey of stronger, more aggressive nations.

    Through the years, Polish horsemen came to appreciate the sound, tough war mounts of their Middle Eastern and Asian adversaries, and the horses, Arabians, became the most desirable prizes of war.

    The captured horses were retained and stud farms were set up. As early as the sixteenth century, writings mention the breeding of purebred Arabians in Poland. In 1699 a truce with Turkey severed the Polish horsemen's most convenient means of acquiring Arabian horses. To compensate, they began organizing expeditions to the desert to obtain bloodstock, and during the eighteenth century, the breeding of
    Arabians grew.

    World War I nearly destroyed Arabian breeding in Poland. Since the cavalry was then a viable military weapon, the horses were even more vulnerable; by the close of the war, only 25 mares and seven fillies were left. The Poles built back, and the Arabian Horse Breeding Society was formed in 1926, introducing racing as a means of physical testing in 1927. The Society also published the first studbook in 1932.

    ( Excerpt from the AHA about Polish Arabians documents )

    Pictures by Skye Valens
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    Membership and Member Perks

    • Member only CC
    • Member only Templates
    • Studbook ( Optional )

    Membership is not required to participate in Club Challenges however only members will have access to CC, Templates and other Club Perks.


    • Have Fun!
    • Be kind to other members.
    • Do not share Member only CC with non group Members.

    Sign Up

    Join us by filling out this form HERE
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    Activities and Calendar

    This is the type of activities we plan on hosting to promote the polish horse:

    • Show Type Challenges
    • Miscellaneous Challenges
    • Raffles


    The dates can change depending on our real lives

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    Club Management

    Skye Valens- President, Judge, CC Creator, Challenge Developer
    Anna Hertler - Slack Coordinator, Judge, Sheet Wizard
    Keegan Noble- Judge, Template Creator, Event Host , General Slacker
    Callixta Rosella- CC Creator, Judge, Event Host

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    Studbook COMING SOON

    Our Studbook is optional. You do not have to submit your horses but you may submit them as a way of keeping track of the Polish Arabians in the community and as a means to offer them for breeding or sale if you desire. We will be using a version of the stable manager sheets as our studbook so that members who wish to offer their stallions for breeding may make them available for use in the breeding simulator. You may not under any circumstances create a foal using another members horse without first getting permission and making arrangements with the horse owner. The breeding simulator is for fun only unless you have the express permission to use another members horse to create a foal.

    Submit your horses to the Studbook here

    View Studbook here

    Featured Stallion and Mare of the month

    Stallion Mare
    ![alt text](image url) [Name of The Horse](LINK TO HORSES PROFILE)

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