[Found] KWPN Stud

  • Hi there!
    As I mentioned in the topic, I'm looking for a stud of Dutch Warmblood (RH) stallion.
    I need a horse who's competing in eventing and giving at least 3 bonus points. Can be foundation, or with nice lineage, it doesn't matter!... Well, maybe it matters in a little part.
    Of course, I'm making a foal by myself.
    My max budget is $30.000.
    So, is here anyone who'd like to get some money? :)

  • I have Rohirrim's Moonless Night and Aerie's Léonce :) Each stands for a little over $30k but I'll go for $30.

    Moonles gives +13 and Leonce +4 to eventing (will give a +5 when he reaches 200pts) :)

  • I have one stud
    alt text
    Name: SCA Infinity and Beyond
    Age: 10
    Colour: Bay (Ee Aa)
    Breed: Dutch Warmblood (Riding)
    Discipline: Eventing - Level 9
    Points & Earnings: 160 points, $22,160
    Point bonus: Gives & Receives +4
    Main Site: https://equus.community/viewhorse.php?id=27432
    alt text


  • Thanks a lot for your offers, ladies!

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