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  • Hi all! I had an idea and I wanted to know what do you think about this. I thought it in order to make a role play more active between users and help now users to set up their stables. Sorry if it's already done

    My idea consist in a Stable Database, that would containe Stable's name, prefix/suffix, owner, primary breed, discipline they're dedicated, location, and a way to contact the owner.

    I believe this could help the new people to choose a name, see if prefix are already taken, or look horses for breeding or a partner.

    What do you think about that? An example from my stable

    High Hills Valley | HHV | Daiana Williams | Hanoverian and Argentinian WB | English Field | Vermont | my email

    This idea join users from other medias, as Instagram or SLS Social Community, Equus-Sims

    The Database would be something like this (still WIP)

  • @Daiana-Williams I really like this idea! I think it would be easier than having players dig through the mainsite to try and find a prefix that they can use.

  • I like this idea, but maybe putting a link for us to register :)

  • Hm I have a feeling we had something similar but don't know if it's still around? But anway it is a good idea and resource!

  • I haven't seen one before, that's why I thought in this :sweat_smile: I know that in the main site you can search for prefix and all that, but not all users are at the mainsite, so, at the moment there's people from many places, that can give a bigger panorama. Example, I wasn't on the mainsite when I choose my prefix "HHV" and I don't know if there's now someone using this prefixhere, since I use it in the other forum (Equus-Sims) and Instagram, here, I got another prefix althought I'm not very active here, in that way the database can help

  • Sounds good

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