[FOUND] Buying Hanoverian Horse(s)

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    Hello! I'm looking for one or two Hanoverians.
    I would like to expand my bloodline a bit and therefore I'm looking for Hanos that do not have famous / big lines, rather a few new / unknown ones. (Although I could ask for breeding, but at the moment I only have one adult hano mare and that's why I want to buy!)

    I would compete and breed with the horse and I'll show it in my blog.


    • Mare or / and Stallion
    • No famous lines in the pedigree
    • SJ, Eventing, Dressage (can also have Show Hunter, Puissance, Ridden Showing, Halter as second discipline)
    • Color doesn't matter, but I like "fancy" colors (as fancy as hanoverians can be.. xD)
    • Generation doesn't matter too
    • Horse should have at least a main site

    I can pay a maximum of $20.000 for each horse or I can trade with Imports and Markings.

    DM me here or on Slack! Or just post the horse(s) below!
    Thank you!

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    I have four horses for you, I am not so active here atm, they aren't registered and I haven't created all of them in game yet
    Dm me if you are interested

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    Found a few horses, thanks!

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