Bonused Hanoverian Mare [SOLD]

  • Hanoverian Jumper/Dressage Mare

    This is a bit of a sad sale for me. When I created QM Casting Call she was going to be my next top horse, I wanted to tell her story right through to Grand Prix. As it happened she fell behind a little, I disappeared for a while and I never found the time or inspiration to do her show entries or scrapbook updates. I'm wanting to downsize my homebred horses so it's time for me to let go (even if I don't want to :laughing: )

    Boring but essential stuff:

    Please do not alter the coat or conformation in any way. Markings used are public so if you are missing any then please find suitable alternatives.
    Do not change registered name; prefix or parentage.
    If you ever want to sell the horse please give me first refusal, I will buy back at the price you purchased it at.
    All horses are to go to active homes, this means entering most, if not all, Randomised shows and entering at least one Combined show in its lifetime.
    Gelding is allowed.
    Horses come with mainsite profiles but it'll be up to the new owner to register them.
    All images below are completely unedited.
    Any questions please feel free to PM me through the forum or on slack!

    QM Casting Call

    alt text

    alt text alt text
    alt text alt text

    QM Mister Burr, Sir x QM The Odyssey
    7 year old Bay Hanoverian Mare
    SJ +17 // Dressage +12

    Casting Call competes in both Dressage and Show Jumping at Level 5 and holds a Regional Title in both disciplines. Her bloodlines are exclusively QM horses and includes a lot of my original foundation horses, all of whom are now competing at the top of their disciplines. Her parentage makes her an exciting prospect as her lines are lightly bred and not mixed with any outside blood. This also has the added bonus that as I own everything in her I can ensure that everything stays regularly competing, so the bonuses she currently receives are expected to continue rising.

    As I do not make CC I allow the purchaser to add minimal markings as they wish. Minimal means either white socks, a thin white blaze or star.

    Starting Bid is £20 000 (Min Bid increase is £1000) - Bidding ends on the 18/10/2018 at 19:00 GMT

  • Sold through autobuy to @Rachel-Deacon !

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