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    Founded in October 2011, Exquisite Arabians is a long established breeder of Straight Egyptian Arabian horses.
    Our horses are extremely versatile and compete successfully in many disciplines, as well as being winners in the show ring. Their strength and beauty is immeasurable and we pride ourselves in breeding outstanding equines of the highest quality

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    EXQ Foundation SEA Stallions
    Name Year Discipline(s) Status
    Eclipse EXQ 2011 Endurance/Eventing Retired
    Ashquar EXQ 2012 Endurance Active*
    Al-Ashab EXQ 2012 Eventing Active*
    Negmat al Hayat EXQ 2013 Endurance/Halter Active
    Ibn Saud EXQ 2013 Dressage/Halter Retired
    Afrikahan EXQ 2015 Flat Racing/Endurance Active
    EXQ Foundation SEA Mares
    Name Year Discipline(s) Status
    Twilight EXQ 2011 Dressage Retired
    El-Zarka EXQ 2011 None Deceased
    Elegance EXQ 2012 Dressage/Halter Active
    Desert Rose EXQ 2013 Dressage Deceased
    Aroussat Al Sahrah EXQ 2013 Western Pleasure Retired
    Khalidah EXQ 2015 Flat Racing/Endurance Active

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  • Can I comment? I hope I can comment. :sweat_smile: It is so awesome to see pics from one of the old guard and I definitely cannot see your Arabians soon enough. <3 Your Arabian style facilities look INSANELY awesome and I definitely want to see more pics from them as well. ;D

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  • Those barns are AMAZING! Looks like something an Arabian Kalif would build for his precious Beanies :) Can't wait for more

  • Was waiting for thisss :D

  • more... More... MOre... MORe... MORE!

  • Your facilities look amazing. I have always loved your Arabians. I can't wait to see more of them around here again :smiley_cat:

  • Oh, happy to see your blog! It was always pleasant for me to view your pictures. I really like your Arabian logo, it looks very stylish. Your facilities are very nice and cozy, I wish I could build like that... And I definitely didn’t try to click that zoom button to try to get a closer look at all these Arabian horses on the picture with facilities first, haha. But I like the way you edited the tails of the two horses on the right, it looks natural and complementing the whole picture very well. I hope that you also will not forget about your lovely Akhal-Tekes and show them too, someday!...:smiley:
    ... Hmm, while visiting your blog, I had a lot of pleasant memories from the old times, such nostalgia, as well as quite an interesting inspiration...:thinking:

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    @Keegan-Noble Thank you Keegan, lol yes I feel like I've been around forever. :sweat_smile: The facilities are edited from a building in Al-Simhara, hopefully I will take more pictures of it in the coming months. :D

    @Lythaera-Bohm I will try. :sweat_smile:

    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld Thank you Claire. <3

    @Lidija-Rotherford It's been a long time coming, lol! :D

    @Breanna-Fahnestock Lol! <3

    @Skye-Valens Thanks Skye, & thanks for your support over the years. <3

    @Karen-Phoenix Thanks for your comments Karen, much appreciated. <3 Yes I will definitely get my little herd of Teke's together for a group photo eventually.

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    Twilight EXQ & Eclipse EXQ - Jan 2019

    Here are my first two Arabian horses that I started my stables off with back in 2011. The grey mare Twilight EXQ and black stallion Eclipse EXQ. Both are sort of retired although I enter them in an occasional R show. Twilight is a dressage International Champion and Eclipse is an Endurance & Eventing International Champion. They are both getting on a bit now and in their mid twenties.

  • They look beautiful! I like the elegant pose of Twilight, she represents the Arab breed very well :heart:

  • Twilight EXQ is such a beauty :heart:

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    It's nice to see you around again X-Tina :smile: Twilight and Eclipse look great in their old age, they definitely deserve their almost-retirement with so many titles between them <3

  • I agree with a Calli! So nice to see you about! God those two Arabs are pure gold to me! Makes me feel all nostalgic! They are just gorgeous!

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    @Borja-Domecq Thank you! <3

    @Nathaniel-Lujan Thanks! <3

    @Callixta-Rosella Yes, hopefully I'll try and be more active this year but sometimes work & life gets in the way lol! :D

    @Alex-Richards It's great to see you here too! Yeah, I am so happy that I still have their files after all these years! :D

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    My second pair of Arabian horses were the mare El-Zarka EXQ and stallion Ashquar EXQ. Unfortunately I cannot find their sim files anywhere so they are technically deceased but I am still competing Ashquar in endurance until he gets his International Champion title.
    Shown below are El-Zarka taking part in her last ever AHA Show and Ashquar in the LEC Arabians Inaugural Endurance Ride on Equus 1.

    El-Zarka EXQ - Oct 2014
    Ashquar EXQ - Circa 2012

  • Yes so lucky and great that you have their files!
    Wow! Another two oldies! I don't recognise these well but El-Zarka EXQ is stunning, even back then! Her head shape is really lovely <3 Good old LEC lol... used to love that!

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    @Alex-Richards Yeah, I think people have forgotten about these two as I have no up-to-date pictures of these golden oldies lol!

    Any one who has a Lasair baby will have El-Zarka EXQ in their pedigree. She is his Granny on his Sire's side! :D

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