X-tina's Exquisite Arabians - Old Arabian Horses

  • Twilight EXQ is such a beauty :heart:

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    It's nice to see you around again X-Tina :smile: Twilight and Eclipse look great in their old age, they definitely deserve their almost-retirement with so many titles between them <3

  • I agree with a Calli! So nice to see you about! God those two Arabs are pure gold to me! Makes me feel all nostalgic! They are just gorgeous!

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    @Borja-Domecq Thank you! <3

    @Nathaniel-Lujan Thanks! <3

    @Callixta-Rosella Yes, hopefully I'll try and be more active this year but sometimes work & life gets in the way lol! :D

    @Alex-Richards It's great to see you here too! Yeah, I am so happy that I still have their files after all these years! :D

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    My second pair of Arabian horses were the mare El-Zarka EXQ and stallion Ashquar EXQ. Unfortunately I cannot find their sim files anywhere so they are technically deceased but I am still competing Ashquar in endurance until he gets his International Champion title.
    Shown below are El-Zarka taking part in her last ever AHA Show and Ashquar in the LEC Arabians Inaugural Endurance Ride on Equus 1.

    El-Zarka EXQ - Oct 2014
    Ashquar EXQ - Circa 2012

  • Yes so lucky and great that you have their files!
    Wow! Another two oldies! I don't recognise these well but El-Zarka EXQ is stunning, even back then! Her head shape is really lovely <3 Good old LEC lol... used to love that!

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    @Alex-Richards Yeah, I think people have forgotten about these two as I have no up-to-date pictures of these golden oldies lol!

    Any one who has a Lasair baby will have El-Zarka EXQ in their pedigree. She is his Granny on his Sire's side! :D

  • Gasp! Two gorgeous babies :>>>>

  • Wow old school awesome!👍

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