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    @Siri-Kane Thank you Siri. <3

    @Katie-Karan Lol, yes they are and more to come! :D

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    Foundation pair number three were the stallion Al-Ashab EXQ and mare Elegance EXQ.
    Again, I don't have the sim file for Al-Ashab but he will compete in eventing until he reaches his International Champion title.
    Elegance has recently had a small make over to her coat, she has International Champion titles in both dressage and halter and has produced some beautiful foals for us over the years.

    Al-Ashab EXQ - Circa 2014 ? (or before)
    Elegance EXQ - Jan 2019

  • It is really interesting to see your foundation lines! :D How do you get inspired for the arabic names?

  • omg i agree that seeing your old foundation lines is GREAT.

    elegance really lives up to her name.

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    I can say I'm loving this 100% It's nice to see some old pictures from our beginnings. Even nicer that you've been around since the beginning of Equus Sims (Community). I love the 2012 photo with zero custom content as far as tack. We really came from humble beginnings. Truly the glory days of our time. Please post more!!

  • love to see your old bloodlines! Elegance is the granny of my beautiful boy Crashman! <3

  • It is so amazing to see all those old pons. I still can remember one or two, even through I wasen‘t a Arabian person back then.

  • Gah, look at the oldies! :D
    Your horses are really known as basically one of THE founder lines of Arabian horses on ES, so it's super nice to see them :D

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    @Claire-von-Hohenfeld - Thank you Claire. Really I just get Arabic names from real life Arabian horses or Arabic words although I don't always use Arabian names for all of them.

    @Siri-Kane Thanks Siri, Elegance has always been one of my favourite foundation mares. :D

    @Danielle-Maddox Yes we are lucky to have so much custom content now and especially all those detail markings for the coats, they all looked so plain back then, lol! :D

    @Gwen-Parker Thank you Gwen, I hope Crashman is doing well! <3

    @Jase-Sunshine Thanks, it's nice that they haven't been forgotten. :D

    @Lidija-Rotherford Thank you Lidija, I'm always happy when I see an Arabian that has some of my old lines in their pedigree! <3

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    The next foundation pair are my old mare Desert Rose EXQ and stallion Ibn Saud EXQ. Desert Rose is deceased as I have no sim file. She is a dressage International Champion and we are lucky to still own her two offspring. Her photo below is taken from the ESAHA Lucky Palms Arabian Showcase (Liberty Mares) where she placed 1st.
    Ibn Saud is by far my favourite foundation stallion here at Exquisite Arabians. He's a dressage and halter International Champion and we hope to breed him more in the future.

    Desert Rose EXQ - March 2014


    Ibn Saud EXQ - Feb 2019


  • It is a pity that the mare died, but her descendants will be able to continue the lineage(
    Ibn Saud just gorgeous :heart:

  • I always admired your arabians even tho I am terrible at commenting, I stalked your scrapbook/blog for what seems an eternity. And it's so wonderful to see them again and hopefully on a more frequent basis because they are like one of the few founders of arabian here on ES and I just love that you stick with them for so long and didn't switch. It's just so nice to see people sticking with their favorite breed and or horses from the beginning till now. Please keep it that way because I admire and love your arabians, your facility and your pictures.

  • you were one of the first arabian breeders/lovers i stumbled across on Equus, and i can say still they they're a strong favorite of mine. They all hold so much personality and character and all have such stunning coats that capture the most beautiful shades :heart:

    Ibn Saud's new coat is gorgeous! I love his face and greys are definitely a strong favorite of mine :heart_exclamation:

  • always so cool to see our progression through the life stages of Equus. your arabians are as elegant as ever!

  • I adore Ibn Saud he has always been a favorite of mine. Glad to see him around still :heart_eyes_cat:

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