X-tina's Exquisite Arabians - Old Arabian Horses

  • Wow old school awesome!👍

  • Development Committee

    @Siri-Kane Thank you Siri. <3

    @Katie-Karan Lol, yes they are and more to come! :D

  • Development Committee

    Foundation pair number three were the stallion Al-Ashab EXQ and mare Elegance EXQ.
    Again, I don't have the sim file for Al-Ashab but he will compete in eventing until he reaches his International Champion title.
    Elegance has recently had a small make over to her coat, she has International Champion titles in both dressage and halter and has produced some beautiful foals for us over the years.

    Al-Ashab EXQ - Circa 2014 ? (or before)
    Elegance EXQ - Jan 2019

  • It is really interesting to see your foundation lines! :D How do you get inspired for the arabic names?

  • omg i agree that seeing your old foundation lines is GREAT.

    elegance really lives up to her name.

  • PR Committee

    I can say I'm loving this 100% It's nice to see some old pictures from our beginnings. Even nicer that you've been around since the beginning of Equus Sims (Community). I love the 2012 photo with zero custom content as far as tack. We really came from humble beginnings. Truly the glory days of our time. Please post more!!

  • love to see your old bloodlines! Elegance is the granny of my beautiful boy Crashman! <3

  • It is so amazing to see all those old pons. I still can remember one or two, even through I wasen‘t a Arabian person back then.

  • Gah, look at the oldies! :D
    Your horses are really known as basically one of THE founder lines of Arabian horses on ES, so it's super nice to see them :D

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