[ENDS 24h/ALB] Titled KWPN Stallion

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    • Please do not severely edit the conformation of the horse. You may, however, make minor tweaks for posing purposes or things such as conditioning and pregnancy.

    • Base coat color and markings cannot be changed. Replacement markings may be used, shine/shade can be added/subtracted. All I ask is that you do not alter the horse so much so that it is unrecognizable (for example, if the horse has a blaze, you can change the blaze, but please do not remove it).

    • I will not be hunting for markings for you, sorry. (Unless custom)

    • Do not remove my prefix

    • Please love and care for this horse. If you ever don't want him, feel free to return him to me or sell him along. No need to notify me, though if you do, I most likely will* buy him back (because I have no self control).

    EVEC Vanquish
    06/16 (10 years) | Dutch Warmblood (KWPN) | Ee/Aa/gg | 4th generation

    EVEC Vanquish, previously known as EWE Rise of Lyric, was bred in June of 2016 by me and sold as a yearling. He's by International Champion DVEC Vuelt, who has produced numerous title winners and champions over the past couple of years, and out of PCRA La Costa (RDEC Lavatin). He's quite the talented horse, but hasn't reached his full potential due to some inactivity during his career. Vanquish is carrying 96 (soon to be 109 with leaderboard updates) points in Eventing, and 133 points in Show Jumping. When returned to me a couple of months ago, he got a much needed update and was put back into training. He's now ready to go to a new home with someone who can devote more time and energy to his development.

    Starting bid: $5,000
    Current High Bid: N/A
    No minimum/maximum increase
    Ends 24hrs/ALB

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