[Ended] Titled SJ/Dressage Mares

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    EA Kinsey
    Foundation Thoroughbred Mare
    Show Jumping - 22 pts || Dressage - 56 pts (+2)

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    MR Dragonfly Love
    Dutch Wamblood Mare
    SEE Dampfoss x Abendstern
    Show Jumping - 44 pts (+3) || Dressage - 71 pts (+6)

    Please do not reuse coat/conformation
    Please do not change their coat color/markings but feel free to adjust shine markings to your liking
    Please add your favorite candy to your first bid so I know you read the rules
    You are allowed to change mane and tail styles
    Please do not remove/change the horses prefix

    Starting Bid: $10,000
    Min. bid increase: $1,000
    Auction goes until Wednesday Oct. 17, then turns into 24hrs/ALB

  • small bump

  • EA Kinsey - SB

    Cadbury roses

  • Accepted!

    One day remaining!

  • SB MR Dragonfly Love
    Chocolate Orange

  • Accepted

  • This will end tonight if there are no other bids!

  • Ended! Congrats to @Rachel-Deacon for winning MR Dragonfly Love and @Amelia-Martin-Teagarden for winning EA Kinsey! I will transfer their files as soon as the two R shows they are entered in are judged!

  • I can't wait to bring her home! Thank you <3 Payment has been sent :money_with_wings:

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