[Ended] Titled Show jumping mare

  • IRCE Dieudonnée

    With pain in our hearts we decided to search for a new home for one of our lovely mares. IRCE Dieudonnée is a Dutch Warmblood mare competing in show jumping, currently at her Monte (II) title with 57 points. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to bring out her full potential over at Iron Crest, hence we are selling her.

    alt text
    IRCE Dieudonnée | Dutch Warmblood (Riding) | Foundation | Show Jumping (57 points)
    IRCE Dieudonnée, to us known as Diaz, was the first mare at Iron Crest to start in the jumping team. She's a very easy-going and relaxed mare to ride, even in the show ring making her the perfect mare for a beginner jumper. She is however a bit slow-witted hence she does need a rider who can keep her on her toes. She thrown two foals, IRCE Stalando & IRCE Dynamique who both seem to be great show jumping prospects. Overall, Diaz is a lovely and sweet mare who will never take a wrong step!

    Starting bid: $15.000
    No minimal and/or maximum bid increase

    ♦ Do not re-use her coat or conformation
    ♦ Do not add or remove the prefix
    ♦ Don't alter the horse, shines and shading may be adjusted to suit your game and/or lighting mods
    ♦ If you eventually decide to sell her, please notify us first so we have a chance on buying her back
    ♦ Please include your favourite fruit into your first bid

    Highest bid: $15.000 - Breanna Fahnestock

    alt text

  • Starting Bid. :strawberry:

  • Accepted :slight_smile:

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