2018 Advent Calendar & Secret Santa Submissions

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    It’s that time of year that we all love and hate - cold weather, dark nights and the excitement of waiting for the first snowfall. So as we wait to welcome winter, it's also time to welcome back the 2018 Equus Advent Calendar! :snowman2:

    The Advent Calendar has always been a popular event and we hope this year will be just as great as previous years. We’re asking members to donate whatever gifts they feel comfortable making, and submissions will be open until November 30th, so there’s still lots of time to head into your toyshop and make something special to share with the community. If you’re short on ideas, here are a few things to consider donating;

    Coats, markings, templates
    Lots - barns, arenas
    Retextures, recolours

    Anyone can participate and send in as many gifts as you wish. No gift is too small! The more people who send in a gift, the more gifts get shared and the community gets awesome treats. Any gifts made after the deadline can still be submitted (Please PM me in this case) or, share the gift yourself as a Stocking gift!

    If you do donate a gift to the Advent - first of all, thank you! And please remember to keep your gift a secret in order to surprise the community as each gift is revealed.

    We hope to see lots of donations this year; never forget how special it can be to share something this wonderful community, and to members, old and new, please always appreciate the time and effort our creators put into their gifts and leave a little thank you note for them when their gifts are unveiled.

    Gift submissions are currently closed. If you still wish to donate a gift, please reach me on slack or send me a message here with details and images if your gift. I can't promise we'll be able to include it in the calendar but we'll certainly try.

    Any questions can be posted below as a reply to the thread or if you’re a shy little elf, feel free to DM me here or on slack. I also encourage you to catch up with us in the Advent channel on Slack :christmas_tree:

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    It’s that wonderful time of year again where you get to spent the cold snowy days planning and creating a gift for someone special in the community! Welcome to the 2018 Secret Santa! :christmas_tree:

    This is pretty self explanatory but for those unclear on how this works; here’s a quick runthrough of what happens. Use the form below to sign up and wait whilst the hard working elves work their magic and you’ll receive a message with who your Secret Santa is, along with their wishlist to give you some ideas. We highly encourage you to create gifts generously, so there’s no limit to what or how much you make for someone.

    To keep things simple - and fair - there’s a few guidelines to follow;

    The point of this is to give something, not just to receive something. Please be fair and don’t sign up if you know you won’t have time to make something for your person. If for whatever reason you’re unable to make your gift at all, please get in touch with @Andrea-Burdine or myself

    Gifts should be posted on or around 25th December but you’re welcome to post them whenever is best for yourself - but please keep it in December at least.
    When you sign up, please list a few things that you’d like to receive - not everyone can make just a certain thing, so giving lots of choice makes this whole experience more fun and allows people to get more creative with their ideas!
    We also encourage you to list lots of things you can make - this can help us when pairing you guys together

    Sign ups will close 16th November and you’ll receive a message from one of our elves shortly afterwards with the name of your chosen person and their wishlist. You’ll have from receiving the message until 25th December to post your gifts and give someone a wonderful surprise!

    Sign up is now closed! Any questions or changes to your submission can be posted below or brought up in the Advent channel on slack - or if you’d rather keep it private, you can send a message to @Andrea-Burdine or myself

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    Somebody submitted to Secret Santa without using their name, if this was you please message me so I can correct it!

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    Happy November everyone!

    Secret Santa sign ups will be closing on November 16th! This gives everyone just under two weeks to get your submission in before we close to pair everyone up! This is also a friendly reminder that advent submissions are open as well until November 30th. Be sure to get those gifts in!

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    Remember to get your advent submissions in by the end of this month! Late submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

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    Hello again guys!

    Reminder that Secret Santa submissions close on Friday, November 16th! I will be allowing last minute changes for a day or two after the closing date before I get everyone matched up, but the form WILL be closed to new submissions. I hope to have members assigned no later than the 25th but hopefully much earlier!

    Don't be afraid to DM me if you decide you would like to drop out of Secret Santa or request changes to your submission. Members have not been paired up so you won't be causing any trouble for me! <3

    I'd also like to take a moment to ask that members submitting to Advent remember to provide information about what they are gifting! It helps me out when I write the posts each day :wink:. And please keep in mind that Advent is traditionally for new content for the community! Keep those gifts a secret and give us stuff we haven't seen yet! <3

    Advent Calendar submissions close on Friday, November 30th. No gift is too big or small, and it's a perfect time to let us have those little creations you've been meaning to release! We're currently ten submissions away from having enough for a gift each day!

    Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions! <3

  • I cant remember entering, could you chek if i am in?

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    @Nathalie-Jensen said in 2018 Advent Calendar & Secret Santa Submissions:

    I cant remember entering, could you chek if i am in?

    I had a quick peek and you're on the secret santa list :D

  • @Callixta-Rosella
    Thank you, I missed it last year so just wanted to double chek :D

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    It's time. :christmas_tree: :santa:

    Pairings will be done this weekend, so this is your last chance to make changes or have your submission cancelled. Please PM me ASAP if you need to do so!

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