Wolfsbane Estates Blog - 11.03.2019 Show Season Start!

  • 24.10.2018 - Cross Country - CHIO Aachen

    alt text

    "Once your enter the startbox it's only you and your horse, no trainer, no horse group, you are both on your own."
    As we are doing a CHIO in the German Community I also wanted to show my last picture I edited for this purpose.

  • Oh I really like the series of photos of Simply Priceless :two_hearts:

  • Banned

    Wow, the photo series! Looks so cool, I love how you edit your screenshots. :heart_eyes_cat: I like the dressage pic the most, looks so pretty omg

    And your Cross Country Edit is also amaaaazing! Love it how you drew the details :drool:

    Also the horse is as pretty as the real Simply Priceless! :wink: <3

  • @Hilda-Wilson I can Tell a funny Story that i did Not know there was a real Simply Priceless as i got the Horse 😅😂 I Just discovered it a month later by randomly scrolling through YT and finding the YT Channel of His Rider 🤣 i was quite surprised.

  • Wow! Your editing is amazing! That photo with the airplane in the background is gorgeous!

  • 06.11.2018 - New Face

    alt text

    A while ago we had a test training with a new girl, who searched for a job as trainer.
    As I get more and more involved into organizing and training I thought it would be nice to have an extra helping hand.
    Her name is Jinah Mo and she is South Korean. She tested some horses the last two days and she will take over the training and competing of Laurents Star Champ (see Pictures), Oxalagu xx and maybe some others if she is more confortable with her new job.

  • Wow just wow i‘m so inlove with your editing!!

  • @Mira-Green said in Wolfsbane Estates Blog - 06.11.2018 - New Face:

    Wow just wow i‘m so inlove with your editing!!

    Thx so much ❤️

  • alt text

  • @Hediwg-Johnson said in Wolfsbane Estates Blog - 06.11.2018 - New Face:

    alt text

    Thx <3 ( The fact that this is a Sherlock Gif makes me even more happy :D )

  • 23.11.2018 Setting the mood for Christmas

    alt text

    -> (Just one picture to set the mood. It was for a contest in another forum :) ) Here you can see Wolfsbanes Meteor EHS and our two Trainers who are cosplaying some little Santas helper :D How convenient they look so tiny in comparison to the Shire Stallion <-<

  • Looooooove that <3

  • Beautiful grounds, horses and story. Nice job 🐎

  • Banned

    i love everything about this album, and that snowy picture just sets a lovely mood <3

  • Your pictures are some of my favorites, I love this one! So much snow :hugging: and such a big cuddly draft :hugging:

  • @Francesca-Díaz @Katharina-Opalhaven @Molly-Marston @Zinnia-Arvi THX all for your nice comments <3 I really really appreciate your response <3

    25.11.2018 Training

    alt text

    Jinah and Oxalagu warming up for a jumping lession.
    I have to admit, the time he spent with Francesca Hernández heightend his spirit. He learned so much and is doing so well now that we are glad that he got the opportunity to spend some time competing with that fantastic rider.
    Jinah is doing well and she gets into her new job quickly, we are very pleased with her work around our horses.

  • The time with him was inspiring and taught me as much. I would like to visit you. Alone to see Oxalagu again. <3
    Very beautiful pic :3

  • 07.12.2018 Unedited

    alt text
    alt text

    Some Non-Edited Pictures of Bisquet Balou C, a Belgian Warmblood Stallion .
    [I'm in love with the new HD and Eye Mod

  • He looks so handsome! :heart:

  • @Annalena-Voigt Thanks <3

    09.12.2018 Snowy Days

    alt text

    HAC Simply Priceless and NTR Callejon chilling in the snow. Not sure if they enjoyed their pasture time or they just waiting for me to get them in their cozy stall.
    [Minimal mouse-edit as I forgot my drawing tablet at home and I am not able to get it back till christmas]

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